Palm Springs Corvette Club Meeting Minutes for November 10, 2016

Meeting was called to order by President, Randy Duncan at 7:01 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Randy also.  

There were 42 people in attendance, we had a new number introduce herself, Brenda Moreno (husband Stan was unable to attend) and returning members Chris and Bev Keller; also  Steve and Donna Farrell have been members for a year but just were able to attend our meeting this month.

Most of our Snow Birds are now back, the reminding ones are due to arrive later this month.  WELCOME BACK - so happy to see all of you.

VICE PRESIDENT - Sue Rashford was unable to attend, in her absence her husband Bill read her report.   No runs planned for November or December as of this date, but if anyone gets the "urge" to put one together just let the membership know.  She also advised us that she would be UNABLE to continue on as our Vice President in the coming year.   She will be missed that is for sure. Look for her and Bill to still be VERY active in our club. Reminded us of the Cathedral Boy's and Girl's Club wreath,etc. fund raiser on Monday December 5th at Bonita's Restaurant in Cathedral City, 6 to 9. Tickets are $30.00;  20 food vendors will be there along with live music. There will be a silent and live auction.

Goal is to raise $35,000 as the Berger Foundation will match anything up to that amount.

DINNER NIGHT OUT - Thursday November 17th at the Cliff House in La Quinta - get there at 6:00 and order your dinner before 6:30 to get the Happy Hour Prices. We will be seated in the Patio Area. Contact Joan Lake, (760-702-0199) if you are interested and did not sign up at the meeting.

STUDS LUNCH - Friday November 18th - place will be announced later, according to Paul Aragon, contact him (760-285-5879) if you are planning to attend.

DIVA LUNCHEON - Friday DECEMBER 2nd. 11:30 at Wally's Desert Turtle 71-755 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage - we will be drawing for our charity of choice on this day, and also be able to enjoy a fashion show while we have lunch.  Contact Joyce Sosebee (760-564-1810) if you have not signed up and would like to attend, also remember that GUESTS are welcome.

TREASURERS REPORT -  Liz Brannon read us the report and advised us of how much money we must carry over to 2017, what money is set aside for our charity ALS (from 50-50, parades, etc). There were no questions; Dallas Baker made a motion to accept the report, it was second by Lou Latragna.

GOVERNORS REPORT - Sam Baldwin had nothing new to advise the membership of this month.

SECRETARIES REPORT - Joyce Sosebee said the October minutes had been posted on line and she had no corrections.  Doe Huff motioned to accept the report, and Dallas Baker seconded it.

EDITOR - Diane Duncan - had no new news for the club, which means everything is running smoothly.

MARKETING - Dallas Baker- nothing new to advise us, but reminded people he had jackets for those who had ordered them.

OLD BUSINESS -   Ron and Kim Singer put together a run through Angeles Crest to Wrightwood, it was 60 miles of windy back roads with a lunch stop in Wrightwood for lunch, one of our members that did not go on the run-(Tom Pinard) met the group for lunch and give them back roads to drive back to the desert.

Full Moon party was given by Hazel Stearns and Tom Pinard - in Hazel's beautiful home in Hesperia.  Club members that were able to attend really had a great time.

Cars and Coffee - Diane Duncan reported that we didn't have many of the club there - but just might have got a few more people interested in joining.

Cruisin Association - Cruise Night has been started up again and it will be the first Saturday afternoon of each month - behind Macy's in Palm Desert.  From 1-5, check with Diane if you are interested.

El Paseo Cruise - is every first and third Friday afternoon, starting at 3:00 check with John Babashoff if interested in doing this event,

NEW BUSINESS - 2017 Officers, members were asked to run for various office and the following is how things turned out on Tuesday


                        PRESIDENT -      no one

                        VICE PRESIDENT - no one

                        GOVERNOR - Sam Baldwin

                        SCRETARY - Joyce Sosebee

                        TREASURER -  Kim Singer

                        EDITOR - Diane Duncan

                        MARKETING - Jae Kennedy

                        OFFICER AT LARGE - no one

The above are just people who are willing to be officers, BUT by all means if there is a job that you would like to be considered for please advise

Randy Duncan -  we really would love to have more than one person running for an office.  Of course you all understand that without a PRESIDENT THERE WILL BE NO CLUB -  Voting will be done by email, regular mail and at our Christmas Party.

PALM SPRINGS CHRISTMAS PARADE - on Saturday December 3rd- there was no interest shown by the membership.

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB WREATH AUCTION -   on Monday December 5th( all the information in the Vice President's report)

CHRISTMAS DINNER DANCE - Saturday December 10th- at Heritage Palms Country Club, Indio. Inviations were sent out by email.

SPRING EVENTS - Besides our Auto Cross (which is the second weekend in March) the following were suggestions, Arboreturm, Huntington Library, Nixon Library.

50/50 Was won by our Sunshine Lady, Julie Burdette

NEXT MEETING - December 10th at the Christmas Dinner Dance.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40

Respectfully submitted:    Joyce Sosebee,


Palm Springs Corvette Club Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2016

Meeting was called to order by President, Randy Duncan at 7:00 p.m. we had 49 people in attendance.

Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Carmel Carbone.

There were 3 guests in attendance - Gerry Dean (who is looking to by at C-6 corvette, but needs to sell his Camaro first) John and

Jeanne Shannahan (which had just purchased a 2017 corvette, their 3rd; and did join the club on this night).


VICE PRESIDENT/ACTIVITY COORDINATOR -     Sue Rashford was on vacation and therefore we had no report from her.

Club did have a Mystery Run on October 2nd; which Randy and Diane put together and we ended up at Lander's Orchid Farm

then lunch afterwards at Bob's in Yucca Valley- had 13 vehicles and a very good time was had by all.

A few members talked about possible runs for the club in the last part of October or early November, look for  more information

on emails from our editor.

Hazel and Tom's Moon Party in Hesperia will be this coming Saturday, October 15th at 5:30  all members have been invited by our

email and should RSVP if they intend to attend.


DINNER NIGHT OUT - Will be as usual on the third Thursday of the month, October 20th.  TIME: 6:30 P.M.   PLACE: SCHNITZELHAUS

77932 Country Club Dr. Palm Desert (very near the intersection of Country Club and Washington) 760-200-2331 we will be on the patio,.

No full bar, beer and wine only.If you weren't at the meeting and would like to join us PLEASE: contact JOAN LAKE at 760-702-0199

DIVA LUNCHEON - This month will be at the Y not in La Quinta on FRIDAY OCTOBER 28th - 11:30   78410 Hiway 111 Unit 112, La Quinta

760-564-0323.(in the same strip mall as Angel View - but at the other end of the strip- intersection of Dunes Palm and 111) If you can

attend and did not signup at the meeting, please contact Joyce at 760-564-1810 or at casamaxemo@g.mail. com.

STUDS LUNCHEON - Will on Friday, October 28th also: place and time not determined at this time-   an email will be going out to advise

our men.


TREASURER REPORT - Liz Brannon told us the balance was the same as last month. At the meeting we  received a $300.00 check from

the Palm Springs High School for helping them out with their homecoming parade and presentation of the queen and her princesses at

the homecoming game. Report was accepted.


GOVERNORS REPORT: Sam Baldwin advised all of us that our membership dues are due NOVEMBER 1st.  and at the VERY latest at our

next meeting which is TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8TH.   Applications are available on our website and must be filled out completely (even if nothing

has changed from last year) ALSO  PLEASE COMPLETELY WRITE OUT OUR CLUB'S NAME ON YOUR CHECK- the bank WILL NOT accept a check

with abbreviations.   Dues are $115.00 annually.  He also told us that Victor Valley Vettes won the national award for their website, Temecula and Las Vegas

were in the top ten for their newsletters. National convention will be in Bowling Green in 2017, New Orleans in 2018, Denver in 2019.

SECRETARIES REPORT:  Joyce Sosebee - the minutes for September were done by Sue Rashford; they were posted on our website and there

was one correction; which was a name for our new members; which should have been Bruce and Terri Kirshner.   With that correction the

minutes were approved.


EDITOR AND MARKETING:  Our editor, Diane Duncan reported that everything was "up and running".

Dallas Baker our marketing person, advised the membership that he had a lot of name badges not claimed, also reminded us that

he needed at least 6 people to order club jackets to be able to place an order. Price of jacket with your name $81.75  without your

name $76.76.


OLD BUSINESS:  Jessup dealership will not be having the Auto Show this November and wherefore the club will loose some revenue

for our charity.



Must get a new board nominated at our next meeting,   Randy has served his term of 2 years as president and therefore we need

to have a new person,   Liz Brannon is unable to continue as Treasurer, with the acceptation of Sergeant of Arms and Governor the

rest of the board would LOVE to be replaced.   So everyone PLEASE think about it-  without officers there can not be a club-

We vote on a ballot at our Christmas Dinner Dance or on line, before the event , which is on DECEMBER 10th.

NOVEMBER 11th - Randy talked about getting our club veterans to take part in the Veterans Day Parade (VETS WITH VETTES)

OUR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS DINNER DANCE-  will be on Saturday, December 10th at Heritage Palms Country Club, Indio

there will be an invitation coming to all members by our email system in the first week of November.  Price will be

$50.00 per person.

CORVETTE PIRATES CRUISE IN JANUARY.   If interested please contact Mike or Vicki Nichols-760-861-1354  Contact

Diane Duncan for the email link for the cruise.

COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS:  Liz Brannon suggested that the club make donations to each of our Palm Springs deceased police officers families

the club was in favor of that and we voted on an amount of $250.00 to each family.  Liz will get the checks to the proper people.


Our members: Kory and Bette Teoman just purchased a beautiful BLUE 2017 Grand Sport (which they had at the meeting and everyone enjoyed looking at)

Cory also advised the club of the annual Mission Hills Classic Car Show which will be on Feb. 4 2017. More information will be forth coming.


50/50 was won by Bill Slather in the amount of $75.00



Respectfully submitted; 

Joyce Sosebee, Secretary

Palm Springs Corvette Club Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Randy Duncan at 7:00 PM when he led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  There were 29 members in attendance.  Some new members were introduced: Rick St Amant;  Russ & Nicki Delong & Bruce & Theresa Bushner.  We are most happy to welcome them to our membership.

Vice-President/Activities Coordinator, Sue Rashford, gave her report.

1.     She thanked Randy & Diane for leading an eventful, curvy roads & all, drive on August 6th to Lake Henshaw.  Beautiful scenery & good food at the café across from the lake were enjoyed by all.

2.    For Sunday, September 25th Randy & Diane have planned a "Mystery Run".  It will begin around 9:00 - 10: 00 AM & the meeting place & specifics will be posted on the Club email.  So far Richard St Amant, Roy Leibowitz & Bill Slaughter have signed up.  Those adventurous at heart will not want to miss this one.

3.    October has 3 events planned.  Wednesday, Oct. 5th at 3:00 PM we need 10-12 cars to participate in the Palm Springs High School Homecoming Parade.  It is a fun event & is a good public relations opportunity for the Club.  Friday, Oct. 7th we need 8 cars for the PS High School Homecoming Game. Both events do not require a lot of time & you get to drive the high school princesses around - doesn't get any better than that.  Please get back to me ASAP.  I need to let the high school activities director that we can get what he needs.

4.    The second event in October is Saturday, Oct. 15th.  One of our members, Hazel Stearn, has invited us to her home in Hesperia for a "Full Moon & Bocce Ball Party".  How fun is that!
The details are: 5:30 PM at 17455 Vista St. RSVP 760-964-5797 or  It is catered so she needs your response ASAP. If you want to spend the night, there are 3 nice hotels at the corner of I-15 & Main Street in Hesperia.  Marriott Courtyard 760-956-3876; Marriott Springhouse 760-948-8982 & Holiday Inn Express 760-244-7674.  It is a bit of a drive & might be a good plan.  So far the Singers, Gondolfos, Gerkens & Nichols are signed up.

5.     The Jessup Car Show is planned for Nov. 6th so put it on your calendar.  Our Club always assists with registration & set up & Dan generously gives our Club the proceeds.

6.    Our Christmas Party is Dec. 10th at Heritage Palms Country Club in Indio.  It is $50 per person which includes dancing with a live group, door prizes & appetizers.  We will have a bartender there as well & he will need you to use a credit card that night for security purposes.  We are in a separate building next to the general club house.  Ladies & gentlemen get your fancy cocktail clothes & get ready for a wonderful holiday affair.

Randy announced other events to come: Our charity Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City is sponsoring an International Meatball Festival on Sun., Oct. 2nd at Sammy's Meatballs at Date Palm/Hwy 111.  The Corvette Pirates Cruise in January sponsored by Phoenix Car Club.  Vicki Nichols has details.  The Dr. George Show is Feb. 11th this year.  They collected $80,000 to donate to local cancer efforts last February. For every $1 collected, they get $15 of cancer car all in our own Valley.

Secretary's Minutes:  They were posted on line, no corrections or additions were made.  It was moved by Bill Rashford & seconded by John Babashoff to accept.  It was voted to accept by all.

Treasurer's Report:  Liz Brannon was absent so Randy read her report.  It was moved by Dallas Baker & seconded by Kim Singers to accept.  It was passed by membership.

Governor's Report: Sam Baldwin announced the renewal for membership in the Club is due by last Saturday in November so we will need to have our $115 dues in before that date.  This Saturday is the Governor's meeting if anyone would like to attend contact Sam.

Editor's Report:  Diane Duncan pointed out that besides our webpage, we have 2 Facebook pages.  The group Facebook page is private for members & the Palm Springs Corvette Club Facebook page is for general use.

Marketing Chairman:  Dallas Baker announced he has badges for members who have joined in the last 6 months so come get them.  He also had merchandise for sale & noted he will put in an order for jackets as long as he has 6 orders.  So let him know if you are interested.

Dinner Night Out: Thursday, Sept. 15th at 6:30 PM at Daily Grill on El Paseo in Palm Desert.  Please contact Joan Lake if you are attending.
Diva Luncheon:  Friday, Sept. 30 at 11:30 at Daily Grill on El Paseo in Palm Desert.  Please contact Liz Brannon.
Dude's Luncheon:  Friday, Sept. 30th at Five Guys at River at 12:00 PM.  Contact Randy.

50/50 drawing was for $59 & was won by Deanna Baldwin.

The next meeting is Oct. 11th & Randy adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM

Respectfully Submitted by,
Sue Rashford
Substitute Secretary for Joyce Sosebee.


The meeting was called to order by President Randy Duncan at 7:00 PM when he led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  There were 27 in attendance; 2 new members were introduced as Ron & Kim Singer with a 2000 yellow roadster & 1 guest as Ken Promise with a 2006 Corvette.

Vice-President/Activities Coordinator, Sue Rashford, gave her report.
1.    She thanked the 13 cars who participated in the 4th of July Parade in Idyllwild.  The cars were beautifully decorated & the spectators were most enthusiastic.  A nice lunch at Goodtimes Pub & Grill with guitar/singing entertainment was enjoyed by all.
2.    The next activity for members is a potluck at Tom Pinard's home in Wrightwood on Saturday, July 16th.
3.     Our event for August is a run up to Lake Henshaw on Saturday, Aug. 6th leaving the Valley around 9:00 AM & having lunch in a café at Lake Henshaw.  We will need a number of the members who are interested in going to give the café a count.  If you wish to go on this run, please contact Randy & Diane Duncan who will be leading the run.  An email with more details will be sent in our webmail.
4.    We do not have an event planned for September so far so but there is a possibility that we may plan a 5 day trip up north to Eureka & stay at a casino up there, explore the wine country & perhaps visit the Blackhawk Car Museum in Dansville & stop at Solvang on the way home.  An email will go out if this materializes.
5.    If any member has an idea for a run for the Club, please let us know & we can help you plan the event.  This is your Club & we want to hear what you have to say about our activities.

The treasurer's report was read by Treasurer Liz Brannon and accepted by the members present.
The minutes which were posted on the Club email which were read by our members were accepted as posted.
The sign-up lists were passed around for Dinner Night Out which will be at Pueblo Viejo in Palm Desert at 6:30 PM on July 21st and the Diva Luncheon which will be Friday, July 29th at Cello's Pantry in Rancho Mirage.  If you wish to attend the Dinner Night Out, call Joan Lake & the Diva luncheon call Liz Brannon.
Governor's Report was not given since our governor was not present.
There was no report by our Editor, Diane Duncan.
Marketing Report was given by our chairman Dallas Baker who announced that he will order jackets when he has 6 orders & he has hats, visors & license plates.  Shirts also can be ordered if members would like them.

There is a Corvette Cruise in January, a car show for Ronald McDonald House on Aug. 21st in Loma Linda, Aug. 21st Corona Elks Club has a car show on Aug. 27th.
It was discussed & voted by the members present to go dark & not have a PSCC business meeting in August due to fewer members here in the desert for the summer.
The 50/50 drawing for $49 was won by Marilyn Hoffman & the 2nd prize of a Route 66 Corvette banner was won by Karen Latragna.
It was moved by Dallas Baker & seconded by John Babashoff to adjourn at 7:45 PM.
Respectfully submitted by,
Sue Rashford (Substituting for Secretary Joyce Sosebee)


The meeting was called to order, by President Randy Duncan at 7:02; he lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, then said a few words in honor of the horrible event that happened in Orlando over the weekend and asked for a few minutes of silence.

There were 43 people in attendance.

CHECK PRESENTATION: We all were asked to go out side the dealership, where there were T.V. personnel ready to capture the actual giving of our check of $10,000.00 to the Boy's and Girl's Club of Cathedral City. Scott Robinson (the CEO of the B&G Club) was there to accept the check, along with a dozen of the children- who were leaders. We also had two Cathedral City Council Members there, with our Sponsor Dan Jessup. This money was earned at our annual Auto Cross, which is held every March and the Boy's and Girl's Club have at least 20 people out with us on the tract helping for the two days that we run the event, so they are learning to work for a donation, to their club and also about "giving back".We were told that the filming would be "aired" on KMIR News, Wednesday June 15th.

GUESTS: Jim Dodds his first corvette was a '65 sting ray and cost was $4,300. He now owns a C7 coupe; which is his 5th corvette. Oscar Lopez, he owns a '80 corvette. Another guest was also named Jim (and we failed to get his last name) he owns an '09 and is 6th generation of owning corvettes. Scott Robinson, a dozen of his leaders from the Boy's and Girl's Club, and two Cathedral City Council Members. 
VICE PRESIDENT/ACTIVITY COORDINATOR: Sue Rashford - thanked John Babashoff  for hosting a wonderfully delicious BBQ at his beautiful home, in the Big Bear Area, there were 20 members that attended the event on May 21st.

Another thank you went out to Doe & Jim Huff for organizing an overnight trip up to Crestline on June 11th - the members that attended that event were treated to a dinner at the Huff's mountain home in Crestline on Saturday, when we went to Lake Arrowhead on Sunday morning and put the Corvettes on display on the walkway in front of the Woody Boat Show that was going on. Everyone who attended either or both of these events had a wonderful time.

EVENT FOR JULY: Club will take part in the Idyllwild patriotic parade on the 4th of July- the club has done this for at least 14 years, we caravan up to Idyllwild, decorate our cars, go through the parade route, take off the decorations and go to lunch.  Sue has about a dozen cars signed up - BUT THE MORE THE MERRIER. There will be more about this on a club email but if interested please contact Sue 760-340-2879.

EVENTS FOR AUGUST: Perhaps a run up to Lake Henshaw and invite other car clubs to join us.  Randy and Sue will be working on this and you will be advised either by email or at the next club meeting.

On August 21st Loma Linda will be having their annual Ronald McDonald House Car show (we have gone in the past, showed our cars, had lunch and returned home). At the car show they will be collecting pop tops from cans of soda or beer and also toiletries.  The Ronald McDonald House is where family can stay while their children are under going cancer treatments. Possible tour of the House.

FUTURE EVENTS: If anyone has any ideas please contact Sue, and she will help you organize a run. These events are a wonderful way to meet members and create friendships.

DINNER NIGHT OUT: Always is the third Thursday of the month - so this month it is on the 16th at the Cheesecake Factory in The River Complex, Rancho Mirage time is 6:30, please contact Joan Lake 760-702-0199 or Diane Duncan 760-329-7905 if interested in attending.

DIVAS LUNCHEON: Is always on the last Friday of the month (June 24th) we will be eating at China Bistro in Indio, time is 11:30. If interested contact either Liz Brannon 760-895-4600 or Joyce Sosebee 760-564-1810.

STUDS FOR LUNCH BUNCH: Will be on the last Friday of the month (June 24th)  Place and time not yet determined, if interested in attending; please contact Paul Aragon 760-285-5879.

Sign up sheets were passed around at the meeting for all of the above forth coming events.

January 2017:  Corvette Pirates Cruise, please contact Mike or Vicki Nichols (760) 861-1354 for more information.

TREASURERS REPORT: Liz Brannon gave us our balance and also said all our bills have been paid. Motion to accept was made by Joan Lake, seconded by Dallas Baker. Report was approved.

GOVERNORS REPORT: Sam Baldwin said he really didn't have anything new - BUT we could go to the NCCC website for ideas on car runs. //

SECRETARIES REPORT: Joyce Sosebee advised the membership that there were two corrections on last months minutes and thanked everyone for reading them; she told the members that Karen Latragna helps her take notes at the meeting for the minutes (without Karen we'd be up a creek). Thank you. Motion to accept was made by Judy Ziskind, 2nd by Dallas Baker. May minutes were approved.

EDITOR: Diane Duncan said everything was going well with the website and that we are getting a lot of people looking at the club's Facebook pages.

MARKETING: Dallas Baker, we now have new T shirts for sale price $15.00 (they have the new logo) colors are white, black, sand, and gray. Also if you want to order a polo shirt they are $35.00  

He mentioned that he has at least 20 name badges that have NEVER been picked up. Please come to a meeting and pickup your name badge, NEW OR FAIRLY NEW MEMBERS. Thank you.

50/50 DRAWING: Carmel Carbone advised us that we would be giving $56.00 to a lucky person. That person happened to be Linda Walter, we also raffled off two jars of Biscotti.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Sosebee

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 by President Randy Duncan and at that time he lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 44 people present.

GUESTS: Brian Toop (who said he was joining next meeting) and Walter Vodermayer from Alberta Canada B.C.
Howard and Lynne Gardner (which joined after our meeting).

NEW MEMBERS: Frank and Diane Brabec, they have a 2012 Base convertible. Frank told us it was always his goal 
to own a Corvette. 

WELCOME BACK: To our wonderful, John Bierie.
VICE PRESIDENT/ACTIVITY COORDINATOR: Sue Rashford then gave us a list of the upcoming events for the next
few months.
SATURDAY, MAY 21ST: we are having a BBQ pot luck at John Babashoff's lovely mountain home in Fawnskin (Big Bear
area). Attendees are to bring either a appetizer, salad, dessert and BYOB (if you want something besides soft drinks
and water). Diane and Randy will lead our caravan from the desert. Look for a email telling you of the place and
time to meet.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12TH: Lake Arrowhead's Woody Boat Show, we have been asked to have our Corvettes on display
that morning. It would be wonderful if we could have at least 10 cars to show.  We must have the cars in place by 8:30
that morning, so some of our members have chosen to go up on Saturday (to get out of the heat and also not to have to get up REALLY early to arrive by 8:30). Again, some of the members are staying at Crestline Lodge 909-338-4792, we think they still have some cabins available. For those who are staying overnight the Huffs have graciously invited us to a BBQ on Saturday night. We have reservations for lunch at the Waffle House on Sunday. Doe and Jim Huff can be called for more information, as they are putting this event together 909-338-0225.

MONDAY, JULY 4TH: we have been once again asked to take part in Idyllwild Rotary Club Parade, this year
is their 50th anniversary parade, we were told that people really look forward to seeing our cars. Each member
is asked to decorate their car for the event, with patriotic decorations, after the parade we will go to lunch & return
home. If interested please contact Sue Rashford 760-340-2879. Sign up sheets were passed around for the above events.
DINNER NIGHT OUT THURSDAY MAY 19TH: Joan Lake has us set up at PF CHANG'S in the River Complex, Rancho Mirage. Cocktails 6:30. Dinner 7:00 p.m.  Ordering off the menu and separate checks -  Contact Joan at 760-702-0199 if you would like to join the group that evening, and did not sign up at the meeting. !!!!!!!!! NOTE CHANGE OF TIME----6:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DIVA LUNCHEON LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH MAY 27TH -11:30 am: Liz Brannon advised us that we will be meeting for our monthly luncheon at Alps Village -777814 Country Club Drive #F, Palm Desert. To be added to the group that signed up at the meeting, call either Liz 760-895-4600 or Joyce 760-564-1810. If anyone is keeping tract we really do eat "around the world" last month Dinner Night Out was at Truilussa - a Italian Restaurant, Diva's went to SiBon's - a Belgian restaurant, dinner night out this month is at PF Chang, a Chinese's restaurant, and Diva's this month is at Alps Village, a German restaurant.
At this point in the meeting it was brought up by Paul Aragon that the men had gone to lunch on the last Friday of the month also; they went to Islands, did not have to wear name badges, etc.  They are thinking of calling the group The Corvette Studs??????(people who know me, realize I'm now rolling my eyes, as I write this - OMG) - Well anyway,  last month this outing for MEN ONLY was put together by Tom Pinard.
TREASURERS REPORT:  Liz advised us that we will be giving a check to the Boy's and Girl's club in the amount of $10,000.00 at the next meeting (proceeds from our Auto Cross in March). Randy Duncan (our president), Dan Jessup (our sponsor), will be presenting the check to Scott Robinson (from Boys and Girl's Club of Cathedral City). We are hoping to get some local media coverage; press release, I in the Desert. Darlene Ockerman made a motion to accept the report as read
and John Bahashoff seconded it.
GOVERNORS REPORT: Sam Baldwin had some flyers on up coming events for the NCCC, and he advised us that he needs to give the organization, our events schedule two months ahead of time, and then again one month out, in order for our insurance to be effective.
SECRETARY REPORT: Joyce Sosebee said the minutes had been posted on the website and there had been no additions or corrections- Lucia Bell made a motion to accept it was seconded by Bob Behlman.
EDITOR: Diane Duncan had nothing to report, which means that the website is running smoothly.
MARKETING: Dallas Baker reported that some of our members had inquired about polo shirts and he got a price of $34.00 per shirt. Also that he had 2 members that wanted to order our club jackets, but he needed a total of six to put in an order. By the end of our meeting he had the that magic number. So six people will be able to enjoy our very comfortable and multi use jackets. We have quite a great salesman for Marketing, that's for sure.
OLD BUSINESS, COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS:  Lucia Bell shared an event that happened to she and Bob, the Sunday evening after our two day AutoCross event - the Bell's went to their (favorite, fine dining place - just kidding) In N Out Burger in Indio and were recognized by a young man that had been at the Auto Cross; he came up to them and thank them for the event, told them how much he looked forward to it on a yearly basis.  HOW EVERY NICE AND THANKS FOR SHARING. Darlene Ockerman asked the club to collect the flip top lids from soda and beer cans to be donated to the Ronald McDonald
House, she was told we had been doing this for several years; but thanked her for reminding us to advise new members of some of these little things the club does to help charities. She also asked the women to keep any used clothing items for her and she would take them to the Battered Women Shelter. Randy also wanted to remind the club that there is a Corvette Pirates Cruise in January and if you are interested please contact Mike or Vicki Nichols 760-320-5980 for information.
No 50/50 this meeting
NEXT MEETING:   JUNE 14th at Jessup Auto Plaza 7:00 PM
Meeting was adjourned at 7:47
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Sosebee

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by president Randy Duncan. He then lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

We had 58 people in attendance.

Dan Jessup was introduced and thanked for the very delicious BBQ done by CV BBQ company, he put on for the club. Dan said it was their (Jessup Dealership) way of thanking us for helping with their annual car show every November, the auto cross, the buying of cars, etc. He then introduced a new member of the "Jessup Team" John Curry.  John comes from a dealership in Ohio and is the new fixed operations director. Dan when went on to tell us about a festival called The Corvette Bash at Bowling Green, registration must be in by April 29th - if interested please contact Dan for exact dates of the festival. Dan is putting on a Special evening with Reeves Calloway at Thunderbird Country Club on April 26th - price is $40.00 for non members of PSCC and $35.00 for members - look for more information coming in an email from Dan.
We had 3 new members at the meeting. Robert and Arlene Livon (2016),  Estella Cox (69 stingray),  Ray and Peggy Miraglia (2016), and a rejoin Robert (Bob) Ornelas.  

GUESTS: In addition to our new members we had 4 guests.  One of the guest (Art) was from a Texas Corvette Club and he gave us 3 calendars to be raffled off at our 50/50.  Art also invited us to their MCAllen car show in Texas at the end of January, all the proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation.
Vice President Report: Sue Rashford was not at the meeting, so the report was read by Joyce Sosebee.


March 20th: We took a run to the Borrego Springs State Park to view the wild flowers, sculptures, and had lunch at the Borrego Springs Resort and Spa, 45 members attended the run - unfortunately the wild flowers didn't know we were coming - but the run was a huge success, with our last stop being in Anza at the Dairy Bell for Ice Cream.

April 2nd: Mike and Nancy led us on a Poker Run through Oak Canyon for lunch and on to Play Toys to see some fantastic cars. The afternoon ended at Doe and Jim Huff's home for an ice cream social and drawing of the last card for your poker hand.

AND the winners were:  
Best Hand - Sam Baldwin - he received $120.00.  
Second - Linda Egan - she received $80.00
Third - Linda Walter - she received $60.00.  
This was a wonderful day and we had 30 people attending.

New Activates:

May 21st: John Babashoff has generously offered his home in Fawnskin (the Big Bear area) for a potluck. We are asked to bring either an appetizer, salad, or dessert - John will be providing the entrée and drinks. We thank him ahead of time for his hospitality. A sign up sheet was passed around and you will be getting more information by our email system.

June 12th: We are invited to show our cars at the Woody Boat Show in Arrowhead, Doe Huff talked about this event, advised people who would like to go up on Saturday the 11th; that a nice place to stay would be Crestline Cottages (separate cabins), she and Jim will be hosting a cocktail party at their home in Crestline on Saturday night. A sign up sheet was passed around for that also.
Secretary Report: Joyce Sosebee, minutes from our meeting in March were approved by Joan Lake and Seconded by Dallas Baker.

Treasurer Report:  Liz Brannon, reported that the Auto Cross was a big success and that after all expenses have been paid we should be able to give the Boy's and Girl's Club of Cathedral City at least $9,200.00.

Governors Report:  Sam Baldwin stated that the NCC will be sending out emails to all the members and if you DO NOT want to receive these please contact, Sam.

Editor: Diane Duncan, you should be able to get into our web site on your cell phone, I phone and ipad. Also, that our Facebook pages are doing well.

Marketing Report:  Dallas Baker, Just back from a long wonderful vacation, reported that he would give us an inventory status next meeting.
Future events: 

Dinner Night Out: will be held at Truilussa, 68718 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City. Date is Thursday, April 21st, 6pm Cocktails, Dinner at 7 - we will be ordering off the menu - weather permitting we may be eating outside. Contact Joan Lake 760-702-0199 to be added to the list.

Diva Luncheon: Friday April 29th 11:30 - will be held at SiBon's in Palm Desert (corner of Country Club and Monterey in the Albertson's shopping center)  set price of $22.00 including tax, tip, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert. You will have a choice of 4 entrees. Contact Joyce Sosebee 760-564-1810 or Liz Brannon 760-895-4800.
April 23rd: Palm Springs High School is putting on a car show all proceeds go to their Technical Education Programs.  Custom Classic Car Show 9am to 2pm.  $20 pre-registration, $25 day of event. General Admission Free -  Contact Ronaldo Paiz 951-329-2236 or email
June 24,25,26: The Annual Big Bear Bash.
Auto Cross: Event coordinators, Shawn and Weez Hyman said it was the BEST ever and in most part because of all the dedicated work of Jane Gilmond.  She got all the computers to "talk" with each other, and even installed a new one at the registration area.  We all thanked both Jane and Dan for all their hard work on the behalf of our club. Everyone showed their appreciation for the Hyman's, also. We had a statement from Shawn that he will continue with the Auto Cross as long as Dan will. That is VERY GOOD NEWS to the club.
50/50 Drawing:  We had a total of $107.00 to be raffled off, and the WINNER was Karen Latragna. A Corvette Plate was won by Dallas Baker. Then came the calendars, donated by our guest Art, from Texas. First one was won by Rick (sorry didn't get the last name), second one by Judy Marseilles, third was won by Joan Lake.

Next Meeting will be May 10th

Meeting Adjourned at 8:08 PM. Motioned by Weez Hyman and Seconded by Doe Huff.


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 by our President Randy Duncan, he also lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 59 people in attendance. We had the following as guests or new members, Ralph Lang, Dave Shannon,
John Kent, and Sara and Frank Marx.  
Vice President's Report: Sue Rashford, the February run to Ronald Regan Library, dinner at the Junk Yard, overnight at Simi Valley Best Western, and the Getty Villa was well attended and very successful. Paul Aragon was thanked for organizing the event.
March 11, 12, and 13: is our Annual Autocross at the Indio Fairgrounds. Friday we are doing setup for the Saturday and Sunday runs. This is a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.
Sunday, March 20th: is our road trip to Anza Borrego area to view flowers, have lunch at Borrego Springs Resort, view local sculptures and return through the hills on Highway 74. We will be leaving at 8:30 a.m. from the TA Truck Stop at Dillon Road of the 1-10 Freeway in Coachella. Bill and Sue Rashford will be leading this event.
Saturday, April 2nd: Mike and Nancy Smith will be leading us on a Poker Run, lunch and Ice cream social. Please contact them if you wish to join in the fun.
There was some discussion about a possible Pot Luck-BarBQ in the Big Bear area at John Babashoff's house. Perhaps on May 21st.
Dinner Night Out: is March 17th at Billy Reeds in Palm Springs. 6 p.m. Cocktails 7 p.m. Dinner. Contact Joan Lake if interested.
Diva Lunch: was to be at Si Bon's on Friday April 1st.
Treasure Report: was read by Liz Brannon all credits and debits were reported and it was approved as read.

Governor's Report: Sam Baldwin just reminded everyone that he needs all the Autocross registration forms after the event.

Secretary's Report:
minutes were posted on website and there were no additions or corrections so they were approved as posted.

it was mentioned that the trailer would be at the Autocross with merchandise for sale.

Old Business: there was nothing to report.
Autocross: Event Chairman Shawn Hyman reviewed the areas to be covered for the event. Jerry Brannon, Bob Behlman, Dan Gilmond will have their motor-homes on the fairgrounds for the three days and two nights.

Timing System and Timers-Jane Gilmond:
The system is ready and they hope to run non-stop.

Nancy Smith is the new chairperson. She and her crew were trained by Sue Rashford and are ready for the event.

Vendors: Pat Moore will have a area set up to purchase, food, drinks and other vending items.

Trailer: shirts, hats, water will be for sale. Gary Grisamer and Jerry Brannon will be in charge of setting up the ice chests and water for all the different stations.

Friday Setup: Be there at 12 noon.  Decided to forgo any dinner after closing down on Sunday evening. Dan Jessup will provide a pizza and salad dinner for the club before our next Corvette Meeting.

Lunch for The Boys and Girls Club: will be provided by Steve Bottom from Sonic Burgers.
New Business: Doe Huff suggested we go to the Classic Wood Boat Show in Arrowhead for our June Trip. January 28th there is a Corvette Group going on a Mexican Cruise- Phoenix Corvette Club is putting this trip together. Price is $1,500 for a balcony room. Contact Mike or Vicki Nichols if interested.
50/50 Drawing: was won by Linda Egan in the amount of $92.50. Richard Sabini won a Corvette wall sculpture.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45.
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Sosebee


The meeting was called to order by President Randy Duncan at 7 p.m. (at the Cathedral City Boys and Girls Club). Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Randy, there were 49 people at the meeting.

GUESTS: Ron Biagotti and his brother Gene, Ron is the Vice President of Chester County, Pa. Corvette Club.

  Steve and Donna Ferrill were present, and Frank (Sandy) and Sara Marks were not present.

was introduced and he explained the goals that the B & G  Club have - he also lead the members who chose to come before our normal meeting time on a tour of the facility - think we all went away with a lot more knowledge of, just what goes on for the children at the club. Also, actually saw where our charity money is going. Thank you Scott for the tour and also for allowing us to have our monthly meeting at the club.

VICE PRESIDENT: Sue Rashford gave us a update on the trip to Petersen Car Museum (48 people went on this trip) and they had a very good time.

UP COMING TRIP: FEBRUARY 20-21 will be to the Reagan Library, overnight at Best Western, dinner at the Junk Yard, next day touring the Getty Villa, lunch, and then home. If you chose to do all 3 - some people will just be doing the Library and then home, some doing the Library, Dinner, Best Western, then home. Three options- Contact PAUL ARAGON if INTERESTED 760-285-5879.

MARCH 20th: will be a trip to the Anza Borrego Desert- lunch at Borrego Springs Resort- sign up sheet was passed around.

APRIL 2nd: we will have a Poker Run - Mike Smith is in charge of this event - sign up sheet was passed around for this event as well.
Other sign up sheets that were passed around:

WHICH WILL BE ON FEBRUARY 18th. 6:00 Cocktails, 7;00 dinner at the POM Restaurant in the Fantasy Springs Casino. Price will include tax and tip $26.00 each. Please pay with exact cash, as there will not be separate checks. JOAN LAKE is the contact person 760-702-0199.

WHICH WILL BE ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28TH  11:30 at PUEBLO VIEJO in Palm Desert. Contact either Liz Brannon 760-895-4600 or Joyce Sosebee 760-564-1810.
TREASURER REPORT: Liz Brannon- was read - motion to approve was given by Doe Huff and seconded by Joan Lake
SECRETARY REPORT: Joyce Sosebee- there was a correction to the January minutes - the amount given to the Mustang Club was corrected to $250.00. Motion to approve was given Bill Rashford and seconded by Dennis Dittmer
GOVERNORS REPORT: Sam Baldwin - reported that our club was in good standing as all of NCCC dues were paid. Also there will be a 7 day cruise NEXT January called Corvette Pirates leaving out of Long Beach, if interested contact Sam 760-345-3007.

EDITOR: Diane Duncan - asked that members send her pictures and information about their Corvette so that she could use them for THE CORVETTE OF THE MONTH.
MARKETING: Dallas Baker- said we had tee shirts for the Auto Cross, he had hats and shirts on display for sale. Liz showed a 3/4 sleeve T shirt for ladies.
NEW BUSINESS: Auto Cross - Randy spoke to the club again and asked for volunteers on setup day (noon on March 11th and of course the need to have people on the other two days as well the 12th and 13th)  Nancy Smith will be heading up the registration part this year, but Sue will be having an instruction day at her house - they need people - so if interested contact either of them. Nancy 780-406-1096 or Sue 760-340-2879.
SUGGESTIONS/COMMENTS:  Roster will be corrected as needed, please contact Doe Huff if your information needs attention  760-610-1995.

Suggested that we support Sonic as they make sure the workers from the B&G Club get lunches on both days of our Auto Cross.
NEXT MEETING: Will be at Jessup Auto Plaza on TUESDAY MARCH 8TH - 7 P.M.
50/50 - was won by Deanna Baldwin in the amount of an even $100.00.
Respectfully submitted,
Joyce Sosebee


The meeting was called to order by President Randy Duncan at 7:05 PM when he led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 67 people in attendance and we had 6 guests (which unfortunately I was unable to get their names). Rich and Cheryl Martin, George & Debbie Hartnett, and Norm Miller and Rose Kingsley became new members and we WELCOME them and hope to see them at some if not all of our activities.

The board of officers were introduced for the 2016 year. Vice President and Activities Coordinator, Sue Rashford, updated everyone on our Annual Christmas Dinner Dance which was on the 12th of December. We had 57 in attendance, a good dinner with dancing, raffling off of gifts, and lots of conversation and laughter.

Then on to our coming events:

JANUARY 31st: 
A trip to the Petersen Car Museum on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles. They have just undergone a $90 MILLION renovation.  There has been arranged a special docent VAULT TOUR, which includes entry, parking & behind the scenes touring- this is at a cost of $30 per person and MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. So if you sign up, BE SURE to get your PAYMENT into Sue Rashford: 45800 Via Corona, Indian Wells, 92210.  Checks should be made payable to Palm Springs Corvette Club (write out in full).  This is a MUST DO immediately.

FEBRUARY 20th (Saturday) and 21st (Sunday): A trip will be led by Paul Aragon. We will be going to the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley on Saturday (arriving before lunch and having lunch at the library before we start our docent tour). There has been overnight accommodations set up at the Best Western for Saturday night and a place for dinner called the Junkyard Café. Sunday after breakfast (which is included at hotel), we will drive to the Getty Villa for another tour and lunch and then home. For this trip you may choose to do everything, only go to the Library and return home, or any combination of the events. Contact person is PAUL ARAGON: 760-285-5879.

MARCH 20th (Sunday): Randy & Diane Duncan & Bill & Sue Rashford will be leading this one. We are calling it the WILD FLOWER RUN to Borrego Springs.  We will travel to Lake Henshaw first and then go to lunch at the Borrego Springs Resort and see lots of our blooming desert. More details on this one at the next meeting.

Sue is looking for suggestions ALL THE TIME so if you have a trip that you are thinking about, run it by her.

Dinner Night Out this month is on January 21st (always the third Thursday of the month) at Villagio Italian Kitchen in Palm Desert across from the college on Cook St. Cocktails at 6 PM & dinner at 7 PM & you will order off the menu & have separate checks.

Diva luncheon (always the last Friday of the month) is January 29th at Eight 4 Nine Restaurant & Lounge in Palm Springs - order off the menu & separate checks.

TREASURER'S REPORT: was read by Liz Brannon and was accepted as read. We were told that the Club had given a total of $15,500 to charities last year. A letter from the Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City was read to thank the Club for the money which was given to them.

GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Sam said he would be attending a meeting at the end of this month.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: The minutes for November had been posted on the net and no corrections or additions were noted so they were accepted.

Diane Duncan said it seems like the email situation has been straightened out and reminded us that when responding about an event to PLEASE RESPOND TO THE PERSON RUNNING THE EVENT - PLEASE NOT BACK TO THE CLUB'S EMAIL address.  She also told the guests & new members about our Facebook page.

Dallas announced that we have tee shirts for the autocross for $10 each and that the Club always gives tee shirts to all the people who come to help us out from the BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB if anyone would like to help the Club pay for them it would be greatly appreciated.

NEW BUSINESS: Dr. George Show is on February 13th (Mike Smith will be coordinating this for the Club so please contact him).  All proceeds go to the Desert Cancer Foundation.

The rest of the meeting was about our annual Autocross which is March 12th & 13th with the setting up at noon on the 11th at the Indio Fair Grounds. It sounded like chairman Shawn has things under control with the computers being checked and ready for action by Jane Gilmond, Dan Gilmond is designing the track. Lou and Randy will be collecting the parking fees and tech. Nancy Smith will head up our registration group. Shawn Hyman will be purchasing the trophies. Jerry & Liz Brannon are once again allowing us to use their RV as a home base for the computers. They did ask for some electrical power for the unit so they could use their appliances and they were told it would be taken care of. Judy Ziskind said we would have vending machines on the grounds for food and drink. Randy would take the $1,000 check to the county and sign the contract.

COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS: A motion from Weez Hyman was made to help the Mustang Auto Club out with some money for trophies ($350) on their first attempt at an event. It was seconded by Wayne Hendricks and passed by the Club.

50/50 Drawing for $111 was won by Dennis Dittmer; a $30 gift certificate to Roosters Restaurant was won by Joan Behlman and $5.40 gift certificate to the Sip In was won by Diane Duncan.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 PM was made by Weez Hyman and seconded by Dan Gilmond. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Joyce Sosebee