The meeting was called to order outside at Jessup Auto Plaza by Floyd Marco at 7 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

There were no new members or guests.

SIGN-UP LISTS:  No sign-up lists were circulated for dinner night out or lunches as it was decided to wait until after the first of the year. For future consideration Stan Moreno suggested the Polo Club and Joan Lake will scout out outdoor venues.

GOVERNOR:  Tom Pinard - No activities to report at this time. Tom will send in membership renewals this week.

VICE PRESIDENT: Floyd Marcoe - Nothing to report at this time.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Hazel Sterns - We have 81 couples and 9 singles. Report was accepted.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Karen Latragna - minutes were approved.

EDITOR'S REPORT: Russ DeLong - No Report submitted

MARKETING REPORT: Gary Dean - magnets available with PSCC but no names.

Call Gary if you need anything ordered.


Air Museum Car Show was cancelled and moved to the Ritz Carlton. There were 14 Corvettes and 2 trophies were awarded to our members: Best In Show to Ron Welshons and First in Class to Stan Moreno.

PSCC BOARD OF DIRECTORS - nominations were Floyd Marco for President, Stan Moreno for Vice President, Hazel Stern for Treasurer, Ron Singer for Secretary, Gary Dean for Marketing, Tom Pinard for Governor

Floyd's son came up with a ballot that can be submitted.

UPCOMING RUNS: Several possibilities were discussed but they will be postponed until the first of the year.

DR. GEORGE CAR SHOW, 2/13/21. Joan Lake is obtaining applications. If the Show doesn't happen you may request a refund or donate to the American Cancer Society.

Floyd and Stan will work on possible local day runs.

CHILDHELP USA is not allowing visitors however Liz and Barbara will be taking games and decorations.  Talk to Liz if you want to send anything.

Vicky Nichols is researching a possible run to the 50th Annual Black Hills Classic at Spearfish South Dakota July 13 - 17th, 2021.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: The consensus's was to wait until it's safe to have a party in 2020.

Dan Gilmond suggested we donate the funds set aside for music and appetizers along with voluntary donations of $55 per person to the Boy's and Girl's Club of Cathedral City and ALS. if you wish to donate send your check payable to the PSCC Club and note which charity you wish to donate to and send them by the Friday before the December 8th general meeting. 

Submitted by Secretary Karen Latragna 11/14/2020


The meeting was hosted by Master Shield, 78015 Wildcat Dr., #102, Pam Desert at 6 p.m. Mexican food was provided by a taco truck, and a presentation of the product was made at 6:30. President Bruce Kirshner's car had some rock damage on the bumper. Chris removed the film to show there was no damage done to the paint. Kim conducted the meeting and informed us Richard was the new owner, however all their employees were the same and there were no changes in their operation. A drawing was held and John and Kathy Paul and Vince and Kathy Laubach both won the drawing for a $500 gift certificate. President Bruce Kirshner thanked Kim for their hospitality.

At 7 p.m. Bruce called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and it was requested cell phones be silenced. Two guests of Carmel Carbone were introduced: Bill O'Connell, her fiancé, and Bruce Klein, her adopted brother. New members Jerry and Charlene Brown, 2015 silver convertible, and Vance and Diane DiMaria, 2015 red coupe, 1964 silver coupe. DiMaria's were absent.

Dinner Night Out: March 29 at Big Rock Pub at Indian Springs, $32 cash at the door.

DIVAs' lunch: March 27 Palm's Café in LaQuinta.

Stud lunch:  March 27 at Burgers and Beer in LaQuinta.

The Treasurer's Report was read by Hazel Stearns, and a motion was made and seconded to accept the report.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the emailed Secretary's Report for the February 11, 2020 meeting.

Editor's Report: Russ DeLong advised members if they want information sent out, email him at Palmspringscorvetteclub@gmail.com.

Governor's Report: Tom Pinard announced we have 160 NCCC members in our club.

Vice Presidents Report: Floyd Marcoe is working on several runs, the first in May, and will continue through the summer. If a member comes up with an idea, the Planning Committee will help to put it together.

Marketing Report: Garry Dean still has unclaimed name tags of people on the roster. If members want anything, let him know and he will order it.


The run to Merv Griffin's ChildHelp Village in Beaumont was a great success. Liz read a thank you from Barbara. There were 26 cars, stuffed animals and goodie bags. $360 was donated towards Easter. Liz brought a flyer regarding Friend's Day on April 26. See Liz if interested. Bruce mentioned the members got even more out of the day than the children.

2/17/20 President's Day/Date Festival Parade in Indio. One car was provided to drive Michael Washburn, Chief of Police. They hope we can provide more cars next year.

2/20/20 Dinner Night Out at Café' Italia. Consensus was the entertainment was great, but the food wasn't.

2/26 Stud's Lunch at Enzo's, La Quinta. Twenty-four cars on display at Gerald R. Ford Elementary School. The kids loved the cars and we were on the news. It's also on the Club website. Thanks to Mike Smith, 300 children saw the cars, and next year we can park in their lot and caravan to the Dr. George Car Show.

2/28 DIVAs' Lunch: Cup's Café in Palm Desert. Good turnout and good food.

3/07 Cars and Coffee then the Elk's Club for an $8 pancake breakfast fundraiser for the K9 division of Police Dept. The demonstration with the dogs was very impressive, drug search and attack-and-hold.

Garry Dean reported that he and Ron Welshons went to the No. Ely Zone in Gila Bend, AZ. Garry rode with Ron at 164 miles per hour. Garry said, "If you like to go fast, go ride with Ron."


Autocross 3/14 and 3/15. The timing equipment was upgraded to wireless by Mike Smith and his friend. It's been tested many times and is working great. Mike Smith and Randy Duncan will be on Eye of the Desert, thanks to Weeze Hyman's friend   John Hefner. (They will both be working at Autocross.)

Mike Smith was able to find a golf cart at Country Club Golf Carts and saved us $250. Set-up is Friday at 11:30; pizza will be provided. Sat. and Sun. workers need to arrive at 7:45 a.m.; racing starts at 9 a.m. The Boys and Girls Club is providing 12 juvenile and 12 adult workers.

Pres. Bruce Kirshner is bringing hand wipes and rubber gloves and stressed washing your hands before eating.

May 9:  Car show at 29 Palms from 10 to 2 at Lucky Park for individual participation for those interested.

May 17:  Plastic Fantastic in Seaport Village on the grass by the water in San Diego. Bruce and Terri are staying at the Best Western Hotel (rooms $135--$150) on Shelter Island and going to the concert at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn to see Christopher Cross at their outdoor venue for $60 each. An email will be sent with further details.


April 4 and 5:  Lion's Dragstrip Museum and Battleship Iowa tour. Sixteen rooms at $150 have been reserved at the Queen Mary Hotel. An email was sent with all the restaurants in the area. Stan suggests not taking your car into Long Beach. The hotel has a water taxi every 30 minutes.

It was requested that we be the host group providing three or four people at a time as docents for 90 minutes. Open house is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mike Smith will lead the first group from the desert at 7:30 from our normal spot. Dwayne will lead the second group at 9:30. When the overnight group is finished as docents, they can check in at the Queen Mary. There is a lot to do on the ship and in the harbor.

Next morning at 9, go to the Battleship Iowa for a tour with our private docent. Have a box lunch and then head for home at 1 p.m.

Hazel Stearns prepared a Corvette Crossword Puzzle. Whoever emails her the correct answers first wins a $25 credit towards merchandise from Marketing.

The 50/50 raffle prize of $95 was won by Norm Miller.

The meeting was motioned and accepted to be adjourned.


The meeting was called to order by President, Bruce Kirschner at 7:00 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.  He welcomed everyone.  There were 63 people in attendance, including all officers except Karen LaTragna who was sick  We had 9 guests and 2 new members, Bill and Lois Branson.  Guests were David and Susan Kavn, Doug and Sharon Enns, Walter and Kelly White and Dan Brumbaugh.  Bruce introduced Ken and Julie Burdette and recognized her "Sunshine Girl" role.

Bruce introduced Dan Jessup who welcomed Service Manager, Walter Canas who has been with Jessup for 12 years and Dan gave us an overview of his recent visit at Spring Mountain where he experienced the C8 and was very positive and enthusiastic.

At 7:20 p.m. the meeting was continued.

Signup lists for upcoming lunch and dinner events were passed:

DINNER NIGHT OUT: February 20 (Thursday) Cafe Italia, 74901 Highway 111, Indian Wells at 6:30 p.m.                           Contact Joan Lake at 1234jlake@gmail.com or (760)701-0199, if you're interested in attending    and didn't sign up and cannot make it, please let Joan know.

STUD LUNCH: February 26 (WEDNESDAY NOT FRIDAY), Enzo's,  78121 Avenida LaFonda La Quinta (Old        Town La Quinta) at 11:30 am .Followed by visiting Gerald R. Ford Elementary School to show the students the               corvettes. Contact Mike at mjsmith3@shaw.ca if you're interested and didn't sign up at the            meeting and cannot make it, please let Mike know.

DIVA LUNCHEON: February 28 (Friday) Cups Cafe, 77912 Country Club, Unit 3, Palm Desert a 11:3 0 a.m.         Contact Joyce Sosebee at casamaxemo@gmail.com or (760)-564-1810, if you're interested in        attending and didn't sign up and cannot make it, please let Joyce know.

Joyce Sosebee discussed problems when there are NO SHOWS at breakfasts, luncheons and dinners are arranged. 

GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Tom Pinard had nothing to report

VICE PRESIDENT'S REPORT:  Floyd Marcoe, Contact him for any ideas for trips or runs and the planning committee will look in your ideas. (sorry didn't get the names of the planning committee).

TREASURER'S REPORT: Hazel Stearns reported (Mike Smith, AutoX chairman, discussed costs needed to upgrade the timing system for the AutoX.)

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Minutes from the January meeting was accepted and approved.

EDITOR'S REPORT:  Russ DeLong, no report.

MARKETING REPORT: Garry Dean reported lots of badges still unclaimed.  Also if anyone wanted to spice up their wardrobe to see him.

OLD BUSINESS: Mike Smith discussed money that needed to be spent for the timing equipment as Scott Robinson, Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City was aware and on board as this reduces their donation.

NEW BUSINESS:  Hazel Stearns redid the membership application  and certificates for Childhelp Run being down by Jessup.  THANK YOU DAN JESSUP!! 

Mike Smith reported that if anyone has a golf cart for sweeper to use at the AutoX .  Also volunteers are needed. Set up is on Friday, March 13 (11-3) AutoX is Saturday, March 14 and Sunday, March 14 (7-4) 21St AUTOX Running.  Main fundraiser benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City.

Bruce Kirschner discussed a proposal from Pulstar, manufacturer of plasma producing spark plugs. For further info contact Bruce. Looking for feedback to help the new company.

Monthly Trip Planning Committee: Floyd Marcos, Stan Moreno, Mike Smith, Ron Welshons, and Randy Duncan.

A thank you letter from Fred Fisher, CEO of the Goldenwest Chapter of ALS was passed around.


February 16, Childhelp in Beaumont (contact Liz Brannon)

March 2, Golf at Oak Quarry in Riverside (contact Lee Egan), didn't see many hands raised when asked if interest.

March 7, Cars and Coffee, meet 7-9am at IW Coffee.

March 7, Pancake breakfast at the Elks Lodge, Indio, fundraiser to benefit the Indio K9's with demonstrations. Email to follow from Joyce.

April 4, Lion's Drag Strip Museum, Stan Moreno will get info and hotel info if anyone wants to spen the night and email to members. PSCC will be the host. 

May 16-17, Plastic Fantastic, San Diego, Seaport Village in the park

2021, Southwest (4 states)Romp planning by Tom Pinard, hopes March/April 2021, watch for future info

(has put together 26 romps in the past)


Paul Aragon introduced his sister and brother-in-law, Michael and Sharon Condon, visiting from Boise, ID who are members of a corvette there.

Ron Welshons introduced out of area longtime members visiting from Rescue, CA, Les and Pat Oesterreich

Ron Welshons reported that the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at Chuckwalls 1/8 drag strip, $100, contact is Mickey.

Ron Welshons also reported that on March 7, No Fly Zone in Gila Bend, AZ, 1/2 mile drag. If interested, contact him at 760-831-5774 or rwwelshons@gmail.com.

The 50/50 raffle cash prize of $80 was won by Pat Oesterreich.

NEXT MEETING: March 10, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and 7:00 p.m. for dinner. Mastershield, 78015 Wildcat Drive, #102, Palm Desert. Phone 760-772-3072.


Respectfully submitted by Liz Brannon, Officer-at-Large for Karen LaTragna, Secretary 2/17/2020


The Palm Springs Corvette Club held its monthly meeting at Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. There were ­­54 members and guests in attendance.

New President Bruce Kirschner called the meeting to order and welcomed guests Robby Ginther visiting from Alaska and driving a '96 Grand Sport, and David Sandell with a '97 Silver C5.

New members to the Club were announced, but were not in attendance, including Vince and Kathy Laubach, Perry Cockerman and wife Kathleen Hesse, and Lance and Michelle Lenhert.

President Kirschner then named and thanked the PSCC's outgoing Board: Randy Duncan, President; Kim Singer, Treasurer; Diane Duncan, Editor; Garry Dean, Marketing; Tom Pinard, Governor; Joyce Sosebee, Officer at Large. Also recognized were several members who work behind the scenes including Joan Lake, Joyce Sosebee, Liz Brannon, Mike Smith, Mike Nichols, Vicki Nichols, Stan Moreno, Brenda Moreno, Tom Pinard, Hazel Stearns, and Julie Burdette. Apologies were offered if anyone was unintentionally overlooked.

At that time President Kirschner introduced his Board; Vice President Floyd Marcoe, Treasurer Hazel Stearns, Secretary Karen Latragna, Editor Russ DeLong, Marketing Garry Dean, Governor Tom Pinard, Officers at Large Liz Brannon and Carmel Carbone.

Sign-up sheets were started for Dinner Night Out on 1/16/2020, at Pueblo Viejo Grill; DIVA lunch at Enzo's on 1/31; Stud lunch on 1/31 at Morongo Casino; Cars and Coffee Breakfast on 2/1 at Broken Yolk at 9:15 (not earlier).

Guest Speaker Barbara Gietzen, Fundraising Chairperson for the Indian Wells Chapter of Childhelp, spoke about the 123-acre Village in Beaumont, CA, and invited the Club to visit on 2/16, have lunch, and show the children the Corvettes. Rides are not permitted but sitting in the vehicles is encouraged. The 24/7 treatment facility takes in a maximum of 84 children who have been abused or abandoned; ages range from 6 months to 15 years with time extensions by court order. The center was started in 1978 to provide therapy for the children so they can one day be stable enough to be adopted or placed in a foster home. Funds for the complex were provided by Merv Griffin. PSCC will take gifts of 84 Matchbox Corvettes for the children. (A flier will be sent to all members with more details prior to the trip.)

A beautiful, informative Desert Vettes newsletter has been emailed to all members. (If a copy was not received, check your spam file and contact Russ DeLong.) In addition to car and member activities, this month the newsletter contains a touching letter from a man currently living with the ALS disease. Members are encouraged to read this man's story and count their blessings.

John and Roselee Turner sent a thank you card for the Club's support during John's surgery and recovery.

GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Tom Pinard reported that the next Governor's meeting will be held at 1 p.m. on 1/25/2020 at Logan's Roadhouse in Fontana, and noted that we now have 152 members.

VICE PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Floyd Marcoe had nothing to report this month, but said he is looking into runs for the future.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Hazel Stearns reported income and expenses from the treasurer's report prepared by outgoing treasurer, Kim Singer, covering the period from 10/8/2019 to 1/14/2020. Marilyn Akin moved to accept the report as read, and Zennie Andrusiw seconded the motion; motion carried.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: One correction was made to 12/14/19 minutes: Liz Brannon's name was added to the list of those who worked on the Christmas Party. The change was noted, and Tom Pinard moved that the balance of the minutes be accepted as read; Floyd Marcoe seconded the motion; motion carried.

EDITOR'S REPORT: Russ DeLong said that even though outgoing editor Diane Duncan didn't have big feet, she did have big shoes to fill and he would do his best to accomplish that. He asked that new Board members stay after the meeting so he could take a picture of each for the website.

MARKETING: Garry Dean presented a new lady-friendly hat and showed the vest that Liz Brannon just purchased. Hats are the same price as men's, $15, and the women's vests are $75; jackets run $85. Garry has many unclaimed name tags, so check with him if yours is missing. After suggesting that members see him if their wardrobes were getting shabby, Garry took a bow and received a round of applause.

OLD BUSINESS: The 1/5/2020 trip to the Smoke Tree Ranch was a tremendous success with 54 members attending the beautiful facility and enjoying a huge buffet. Evidently, we were nice enough to be invited back, according to Joan Lake who arranged the outing. The Club can return for a buffet for $27 or pay $50 and visit the chef in the kitchen where he will prepare your meal.

NEW BUSINESS: There was discussion but no decisions pertaining to possible runs and outings to the following: Empire Polo Club on 3/29, the last day of the season, for $65 including event, parking, and buffet, per Joan Lake. Paul Aragon said MasterShield has invited the Club to their shop for our meeting in February or March including dinner. Paul also mentioned that the Pomona Race Track is offering laps at $500 per car in association with the Diabetes Foundation and sponsored by Peterson Museum. Plastic Fantastic is scheduled for 5/17 at Seaport Village in San Diego. It could be an overnight or day trip.



1/25/20   Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum including tasting; lunch at Stone Brewery. Two groups, one over the mountain, one on freeway. Bruce Kirschner is contact person.


2/1/20   Cars & Coffee 7-9 a.m. at IW Coffee, SW corner of Cook and Hwy 111. Club members usually arrive around 8 a.m. This event is followed by breakfast at Broken Yoke at 9:15. Contact person for breakfast reservations is Joyce Sosebee. (Email to follow.)


2/8/20    Dr. George Car Show ~ Contact is Mike Smith who needs the confirmation number of each participant as soon as it is received. The group will meet at the Gerald R. Ford Elementary School at the corner of Fred Waring and Indian Trail in Indian Wells and caravan to the show. Joan Lake requested raffle items for the show. (Detailed email to follow.)


2/16   Childhelp in Beaumont. Ron Welshons will lead the run to arrive at the complex at 10:30; children will arrive at 11. A tour of the 123-acre facility may be possible. The grounds include a school, stables, gym, chapel, and more. (Detailed email to follow.)


3/14, 3/15, 3/16   Auto Cross ~ Contact is Mike Smith who needs help. Volunteers should contact Mike and let him know which days they can work. Start times are 11:15 on 3/13, 7:30 on 3/14 and 3/15, and 4 p.m. on 3/15 for take down.  Nancy Smith needs help with registration 3/14 and 3/15. Fliers are available for distribution. (Detailed email to follow.)




RAFFLE ~ Garry Dean won $90 in the 50/50 raffle.

DINNER ~ Anyone interested can gather after meeting at Upper Crust Pizza

ADJOURN ~ Joan Lake moved to adjourn; Tom Pinard seconded; motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by Karen Latragna, Secretary