2021 Club Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President Floyd Marcoe at 7:00 pm. Floyd led the Pledge of Allegiance and asked everyone to silence their cell phones.  There were 27 people in attendance. Vice President Stan Moreno participated via telephone, and Editor Russ DeLong, and Co/Officer-at-Large Carmel Carbone were not present.  New members Lauren Dzikowski and Miloh Fiorda introduced themselves. We also welcomed Randy and Diane Duncan who were visiting from Arizona.


Upcoming Lunch and Dinner Events are:

DINNER NIGHT OUT: TENTATIVE January 21st, Joy Asian Cuisine at the Fantasy Springs Resort Hotel, 84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy, Indio at 6:30pm. Joan Lake is inquiring about this venue, and a notification will be emailed when plans are finalized. If you have any questions, please contact Joan at 1234jlake@gmail.com or at 760-702-0199.

DIVA LUNCHEON:  TENTATIVE January 29th. Joyce Sosebee and Liz Brannon are exploring options. Information will be emailed. Contact Joyce Sosebee at casamaxemo@gmail.com or at 760-485-4567 if you have any questions.

STUD LUNCH:  TENTATIVE January 29th, Café One Eleven at the Agua Caliente Casino Cathedral City, 68960 E Palm Canyon Dr, Cathedral City at 11:30 am. Details are forthcoming; If you have any questions, contact Stan Moreno at stan.b.moreno@gmail.com or at 760-908-9981.

VICE PRESIDENT'S REPORT: At Stan Moreno's request, Duane Rons presented information about the upcoming Rainbow Oaks Fun Run. Details are summarized under New Business/Upcoming Runs & Events below.

GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Tom Pinard reported that 2021 NCCC membership is down significantly throughout the country.  PSCC 2021 membership declined 26% from last year. There will be a Zoom meeting of Regional Governors next week. Tom will report on that event at our next meeting.

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Hazel Sterns reported income and expenses for the period November 10th, 2020, through January 10th, 2021. Contributions were made to both ALS and the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City. The amounts were modest compared to past years due to our inability to conduct fund raising activities during the pandemic. A motion to accept the report was made by Joan Lake, seconded by Tom Pinard, and approved.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Ron Singer reported that minutes of the November 10th, 2020 meeting were emailed to all members on November 15th. There were no additions or corrections to these minutes. Liz Brannon moved to accept the minutes as submitted, seconded by Ron Welshons, and approved.

EDITOR'S REPORT/MARKETING REPORT:  There was no Editor's Report in Russ DeLong's absence. Garry Dean, Marketing Director, still has a box of unclaimed name badges. Members who have not received their name badges should contact Garry. As always, a full selection of Club merchandise and pricing can be viewed online at PalmSpringsCorvetteClub.com.  Just download and fill out an order form (be sure to list color and size(s)), and mail it along with a check for payment to Garry at 38320 Chuperosa Lane, Cathedral City, CA  92234. Contact Garry at 31bowtie@gmail.com if you have any questions.



Cars n' Coffee has relocated to the parking lot next to Aspen Mills Bakery and Café, 46-520 Washington St, La Quinta, and is now held every Saturday morning. Participation by local car enthusiasts is steadily growing, and more PSCC members are attending each week.

The new Board of Directors met on Saturday, January 2nd, to discuss plans for 2021. Several possible events and/or runs were suggested that could be held under current pandemic restrictions. For a variety of reasons, a significant number of Club members did not renew their memberships in 2021. Our NCCC membership count declined from 165 in 2020 to 118 in 2021. To attract new members, we plan to invite non-member Corvette owners to attend our events and runs. One suggestion was to hand out invitational flyers for upcoming events at Cars n' Coffee each week. Hazel offered to make up a flyer for the Rainbow Oaks Fun Run so they could be handed out at Cars n' Coffee on January 16th.


Upcoming Runs and Events

January 23rd: Rainbow Oaks Fun Run. We'll meet at the Starbucks parking lot at  73030 El Paseo, Palm Desert (enter the lot from El Paseo, just west of Palms to Pines Highway), and depart promptly at 9:00 am. We'll make a gas/pit stop at the Cahuilla Casino at Mountain Sky Travel Center on Highway 371 and then continue on to the Rainbow Oaks Restaurant, 4815 5th St, Rainbow, CA 92028. Lunch will be on the restaurant patio or you can bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the adjacent park-like area across the street. After lunch you can choose your return route, either back through the mountains or up I-215 to the 60 Freeway.

Note: This is a "fun run," not an NCCC sanctioned event, and any Corvette owner (member or non-member) is welcome to join us!

February Run: Day run through Box Canyon and Joshua Tree with sightseeing, finishing up with lunch. Details are forthcoming; if you have any questions, please contact Stan Moreno at 760-908-9981.


·         John Babashoff mentioned that Cruise Night on El Paseo is still being held on Fridays from 3pm to 5pm along Shadow Mountain Drive, the street behind the Gardens on El Paseo, since parking lot use is now restricted.

·         At the conclusion of the meeting, two members volunteered their services to the Club: Charlene Brown offered to make up invitational flyers for upcoming events, and Lauren Dzikowski offered to become a "Greeter" at General Meetings, welcoming new and prospective members. Thank you, Charlene and Lauren!


The 50/50 raffle cash prize of $50 was won by Jim Lewis.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:27 pm.

NEXT MEETING:  February 9th, 2021, outdoors at Jessup's Auto Plaza.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Singer, Secretary. 


PSCC Board Meeting Minutes - 1/2/21 
The meeting was called to order by President Floyd Marcoe at 9:01 am, following Cars n' Coffee in the parking lot of the Aspen Mills Bakery. 
Officers in attendance: Floyd Marcoe, Stan Moreno, Hazel Stearns, Tom Pinard, Garry Dean, Ron Singer, and President Emeritus Paul Aragon. 

The first order of business was to address the decline in 2021 Club membership. Our NCCC membership enrollment dropped from 165 in 2020 to 118 this year. Tom mentioned that this is occurring at Clubs throughout the country due to the pandemic. We need to recruit new members by encouraging nonmember Corvette owners to attend Club functions and learn about what we do socially and in the community. To accomplish this, we must resume regular monthly meetings and conduct runs and other outings that comply with good health and safety practices. 

Floyd will contact Dan Jessup to confirm that we can continue holding our monthly meetings outdoors at his dealership, with proper social distancing, as we did in November. Unless otherwise notified in advance by email, the next scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 12th, at 7:00 pm. Members are encouraged to take whatever additional safety precautions they deem appropriate, and we fully understand and support anyone's decision to postpone attendance until a later date. 

At this meeting, we will discuss possible options for Diva and Stud lunches, as well as a potential run with picnic lunches, for later in January. These sorts of activities could then be promoted to prospective Club members monthly as a way to introduce our Club. Stan asked for some examples of when NCCC liability insurance would be of use. NCCC insurance covers claims by 3rd parties for bodily injury or property damage at covered Club events. An example might be when a pop-up tent, erected by a Club for an auto show, is blown away by the wind and damages other vehicles or injures persons at the show. This is a valuable benefit of NCCC membership. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am. 
Respectfully submitted by Ron Singer, Secretary