Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Paul Aragon. Jeane Shannahan led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 92 people in attendance, and the following are new members: Bill and Nancy Doyle, Steven and Christine Doyle.

Our sponsor Jessup Auto Plaza (Dan Jessup) gave us a welcome back get together from 6 to 7, which ended up to be a full meal.

We thanked him for his generosity. He also talked to the membership about the 2019 corvette and just why GM is only making 2018's for a limited time.   

DINNER NIGHT OUT Will be a Kobe's Steakhouse, 69838 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage on Thursday November 16th 6:30 if interested in joining the group; please contact Joan Lake 760-702-0199 or 1234jlake@gmail.com.

DIVA LUNCHEON Will be held at Cuistot -72595 El Paseo, Palm Desert- 760-340-1000 on Friday December 1st. 11:30. Cost is $25.00 tip and tax included.  We will have our own room and a fashion show that normally goes from noon to 2:30 p.m.  This is our end of the year luncheon and will be drawing for our charity of choice. Guests are welcome. Liz and Joyce will be collecting your CASH at the door that day. We currently have 33 "gals" signed up - but the more the merrier.  Please contact Joyce if you'd like to be included in this fun afternoon. 760-564-1810 or casamaxemo@gmail.com. 

STUDS CRUISE AND LUNCH On Friday December 1st. 11:30.  Going up Highway 74 and having lunch at Paradise Valley Café, 61721 State Highway 74, Mountain Center. We will be gathering at the back parking lot of Starbucks (corner of Monterey and Highway 111- enter thru El Paseo) - leaving at 10:30 SHARP. Contact person for this event is Mike Smith 780-668-4607 (cell) 760-610-5034 (home) or mjsmith3@shaw.ca

WARNER SPRINGS LUNCH RUN  Saturday, November 18th - leaving back parking lot of Starbucks (corner of Monterey and Highway 111 - enter thru El Paseo) at 9:45 going up Highway 74, turning left on 371, turning right on 79 to see Iron Sculpture Works of Ricardo Breceda for approximately one hour - then left out of his driveway on 79 to Warner Springs golf course for lunch. Possible drive to Julian for desert and home via Salton Sea (depending on what the group would like to do.) Call 760-564-1810 or email casamaxemo@gmail.com (Joyce) if you would like to join the group of 15 cars that are already signed up. 

Some of the members were going to go to Sonic for ice cream after the meeting.

VICE PRESIDENT: Randy Duncan spoke about possible runs, up coming events, etc. Possible run to the Mission Inn in Riverside sometime in the early part of December to see the fabulous display of Christmas decorations. Liz Brannon has a friend that lives close and she gave Liz a couple of suggestions for restaurants, which were given to the Duncan's.

January 20 and 21 Car Show at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs

February 10th - Dr. George Charity Car Show, Indian Wells. Jae is on the steering committee and explained about the organization. For every dollar of profit, which is turned over to the Desert Cancer Foundation equals $12.00 of benefits to patients of this disease. All monies stay in our valley. We are trying to win the award for most cars on display from one car club, and our entry fee is $50.00 per car. Mike Smith is our organizer for this event. mjsmith3@shaw.ca or 780-668-4607.  Jerry Martin will be inviting all that are registered for the show to a cruise El Paseo on the Friday before the Car Show. There will be a limit of 1,000 cars for this show.

OFFICER AT LARGE:  Ron Singer reported that he was able to locate a sound system for the club to purchase and it should arrive by the end of this month .  Price was $170.00.  So once we have this system everyone will be able to hear all that is being said during our meetings.

SECRETARY:  Joyce Sosebee had the minutes for October posted on our website and also sent to all members, she was not notified that any adjustments or corrections were needed. Doe Huff made a motion to accept the minutes as posted; Joan Lake seconded it and the membership passed the motion.

TREASURER: Kim Singer read her report and reminded everyone that our balance did not take into account all of the NCCC dues that must be paid by the end of this month. Liz Brannon made the motion to accept the report as read, Jae Kennedy seconded the motion and the membership passed it.

EDITOR REPORT:  Diane Duncan asked if everyone was getting the emails and one of our member's is having some trouble receiving them from the club.  After some discussion with some of our "techie" members it was thought the problem was in the settings. Hopefully it will be resolved.

MARKETING:  Jae Kennedy told us that she had to get a new vendor for all of our club items, since the one we were using had gone out of business. This new vendor has stated that all the charges will stay the same, but there is a good chance that Jae will be able to order our club jackets one at a time if necessary, whereas she had to order at least six at a time before.  This new vendor also has the capability to do our logo on any type of shirt for $8.00.  Reminded everyone that they can order from her (Jae) on line and she'll have your items at our next meeting.

NCCC GOVERNOR REPORT: Sam Baldwin said that some of us might have gotten our membership cards in the form of an email, that needed to be printed out.  He explained that you only need to print it out if you are going to a sanction event. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Carl Cewenski and his group (Karen Cewenski and Carmel Carbon) looked into the club donating to some funds to an organization in light of all the natural disasters. They researched many and recommended a few for the clubs consideration. The club voted to donate $300.00 to Americares (first responders). 

Sue Rashford thanked the members that drove in the Palm Springs High School Homecoming Parade and Football Game. She had 11 cars for the parade and 7 for the game. She also said they were treated to food after the parade and that the school gave us $300.00 for our charity. Sue has done the job of organizing this with the school for several years and President Paul asked the membership to try and help her out, when she needs it. He also thanked her for all she has done in the past.

NEW BUSINESS:  President, Paul Aragon said that Master Shield will be hosting one of our meeting nights early next year, possibly January or February. They plan to have food, and actually show us the procedure that they go though with the film to protect vehicles, windows, etc.  

Doe Huff made a Quilt of Valor which she gave to one of our veterans who served overseas. She explained just what a Quilt of Valor was all about and that this was the eighth one that she had given. She gave all the veterans who qualified to stand and each got a number, then she called out a number and John Turner was our honored member who received this wonderful quilt. Doe also made a Car Quilt (that she showed everyone) that she is going to have at our Christmas Party as a silent auction item with all the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Catherdal City, asked everyone to bring their check books to the Party. All of the membership thanked Doe for the beautiful and thoughtful quilts.  

Christmas Dinner Dance invitations have gone out and as of this date we have 50 people signed up - the room has a capacity of 80, so if we DO NOT have 80 members signed up and paid by DECEMBER 1ST,  we will open the party up to guests. Invitations are on our email system or call Joyce  760-564-1810 casamaxemo@gmail.com The date of the event is December 9th at Heritage Palm in Indio. Price is $55.00 per person. See the invitation for all the details. If you need a invitation contact Diane at palmspringscorvetteclub@gmail.com.

Lee Egan asked the membership how many would be interested in a golf outing, 20 members raised their hands.  He said that we may to a drive (like to Borrego Springs) play golf at Rams Hill's have lunch and drive home. He will keep us advised. 

Balloon Festival this coming weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) at the Catherdal City City Hall - Joan Lake advised us of this event.

Ron Welshons said there was going to be performance & speed drag race in Arizona - which is going to be different that he has ever done, A ROLLING START!!!!! with 2 cars at a time. You just need a helmet and safety belt to drive. If interested contact him. 760-831-5774


President - Randy Duncan

Vice President- Carl Cewenski

Secretary - Ron Singer

Treasurer - Kim Singer

NCCC Governor - Sam Baldwin

Editor - Diane Duncan

Marketing- Jae Kennedy

Officer at Large and Ambassador of Goodwill - Joyce Sosebee

There will be a ballot emailed to you so you can vote and forward it to Sue Rashford at srash4d@dc.rr.com if you are unable to attend our Christmas Party. At the party Sue will be at the front table with ballots for those who chose to vote on that night. Your new board will be elected and introduced at the party.

50/50 was for $141.00 and was won by Bob Behlman, he asked that the money be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City. 

Joan Lake make a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m. Ron Welshons seconded it - the motion was passed by the membership.

Respectfully submitted:
Joyce Sosebee


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Randy Duncan at 7:00 pm. The pledge of allegiance was lead by Randy.

President Paul Aragon and Secretary Joyce Sosebee are still on vacation. Officer at Large Ron Singer and Treasurer Kim Singer were not in attendance because Ron was in the hospital having Gallbladder surgery. 

A head count was taken to go to Tony's Burgers after the meeting. 20 members attended.

Dinner Night Out  Diva Lunch, and Stud lunch sign-up sheets were sent around.

Dinner Night Out
Sept. 21 6:30pm
The Cliff House
78250 Hwy 111, La Quinta Call Joan Lake to RSVP 760-702-0199 1234jlake@ gmail.com.

Diva Lunch
Sept. 29 11:30am
Boulevards Restaurant at Sun City
36890 Del Webb Blvd. Palm Desert  Emails will be sent out later.

Stud Lunch
Sept. 29 11:45am
Papa Dan's Pizza Sun City
38180 Del Webb Blvd. Palm Desert Emails will be sent out later.

Make sure to mark your calendars for our annual Christmas Party Dec. 9th, 2017.

Sam Baldwin gave his Governors report.  There's a Governors meeting in Victorville Saturday the 16th. Anyone is welcome to attend. Also, PSCC dues are due by November 25th. 

Editors report. Diane Duncan asked membership if everyone is receiving their club emails.  No one said they are not getting them. Nothing else to report.

Marketing report. Jae Kennedy explained how to order merchandise from the club through her. Contact her via email and she will send you an order form. Once the order has been placed you will receive your merchandise at the next meeting.

Randy announced all the upcoming car shows:

Cars n Coffee resume Oct. 7th. Also the Palm Springs Cruising Assc. car show.

The Route 66 Cruising Reunion car show in Ontario Sept 15 to 17.

Oct. 28 Air Museum car show

Feb. 10, 2018 Dr. George car show.

Liz Brannon invited everyone to attend an ALS Walk on Oct. 22.  A fundraiser in the name of Jerry Brannon. An email will be sent out with more information later.

Liz also requested that we vote at next months meeting to give a donation for the Hurricane victims.

Carl Cewinski gave a talk on a current C7 problem of overheating. A problem with the radiator cap.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm 
Respectfully submitted by Editor Diane Duncan


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Randy Duncan. Flag salute was done, guests and new members were introduced. 

Joan Lake mentioned the dinner night out at Manhattan in the Desert on July 28th @ 6:30 pm.

Mike Nichols mentioned the stud lunch will be July 28th, location to be determined. 

District Governor Sam Baldwin talked about the upcoming convention. We don't have anyone attending (Maybe Sam & Deanna).

Cars & Coffee and the Cruisin' Assn. will be dark until October.

Randy talked about the car show at the River that Dan Jessup put together on May 27th.  Randy & Diane also lead us up to Laws Café in Oak Glen on Jun 24th.

A run is scheduled for July 29th to Woody's Boathouse in Lake Arrowhead.

Karen Latragna won the 50/50 and took home $51.00.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 and everyone was invited to have a late dinner at Tony's Burgers in Cathedral City.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Paul Aragon; who when lead the members in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were 39 people in attendance.

NEW MEMBERS OR GUESTS - Prospective member, Phil Smith.  New members, Davin and Darci Hope (who told a story about his Corvette jacket that has a name of Chuck on it- told us he would answer to either name; Chuck or Davin).  Rejoined: Sunny and Carol Perez. REMINDER TO TURN OFF CELL PHONES.

DINNER NIGHT OUT -  Joan Lake advised us the date is always the THIRD Thursday of the month (5/18) we will be dining at Villagio's
237029 Cook Street, Palm Desert 760-779-5050  - please contact Joan directly at 760-702-0199-if you would like to join us.

DIVA LUNCHEON - Joyce Sosebee (760-564-1810) is the contact person -  Luncheon will be the last Friday of the month (5/26)
arriving a 11:15 at Fox and Fiddle (in the River Complex, near Ben & Jerry's) 71800 Highway 111, Palm Desert, 760-888-0111

STUD'S LUNCHEON - Friday, May 26th 11:30 at Tommy Bahamas on El Paseo in Palm Desert- Please contact Mike Nichols
if interested in joining the men at 760-200-4681.

Sign up sheets were passed around for all the above events, and members were reminded that Guests are always welcome
to any of our events.

The above monthly events will run through the summer.

It was mentioned that after our monthly meetings, some of the members have been going to Applebee's (across from the River
Complex) for dinner, a snack or perhaps just a beverage (be it adult or not)- Applebee's will be closing around July 1st - so we will 
need to find another place in the coming months.
VICE PRESIDENT - Randy Duncan was out of town on business and therefore, Paul spoke on his behalf.  A day trip is
planned for May 21 to go to Plastic Fantastic at Seaport Village in San Diego. Leaving from Jack in the Box in Desert Hot Springs exit 123 at 8:30 a.m. After arriving at the show we will have time to gaze at the beautiful Corvettes on display, then go to lunch and start back. 

Below are the members who have signed up to go: 
Ron & Kim, Bill & Sue, Jae, Garry, Roberta, John & Jean, Joe & Carol, Davin & Darci, Brenda & Stan, Lou & Karen, Sunny & Carol, Paul & Joyce. Contact Paul Aragon if you are interested and not listed - 760-285-5879.

Some of our members went to the Annual Cathedral City Boys & Girls Club Spaghetti Awards Dinner, at the event Randy and Shawn presented the club with a check for $7,500.00 from our club.  This money was generated by our Annual Autocross (which was run in March) where the Boys and Girls Club under the direction of their CEO - Scott Robinson come out to the event and worked for two days to help us put the event on.  It was mentioned that after we find out the cost and actually get some items on our computerized timing system fixed - we are hoping to give the (B & G club) addition money at our annual Christmas Dinner Dance.

Paul took time to explain to the new members and remind the existing members of our charities and how we have them set up - we have two charities that we help on an annual basis - The Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City (as they are a stand alone Club, NOT under the big umbrella of the Coachella Valley Boys & Girls Club - and ALS. ALS gets the monies that we earn from Homecoming Parades, the 50/50% that the club retains and some individual members donations.  Last year the club was able to donate $10,000.00 to the Boys and Girls Club and $5,250.00 to the ALS Association. 

Ron Singer - was asked to report on the Laughlin Run that some of our members took in April - Bakersfield Club put on the event in Laughlin, Nv. they stayed at Riverside Hotel, went to a dinner show - where Johnny Owens played, took part in a poker run - and on Sunday they all drove over to Lake Havasu and were able to see and enjoy our member's Mike & Vicki's beautiful garage and home (as Ron put it ''A GARAGE TO DIE FOR") when they all went to lunch and drove home - this was a very enjoyable three day event - there were 14 members involved in this event.

SECRETARY - Joyce Sosebee reported that the April minutes were posted on our website and she had heard of no corrections to be made. Motion to accept the minutes as written was put forth by Ron Singer, seconded by Liz Brannon and passed by the club.

TREASURER -  Kim Singer gave her monthly report and noted that we had a deposit of $1,207.00 from merchandise sales (thanks to our Marketing Officer- Jae) and also 50/50 donation back to the club (for ALS) from Joe VanBrunt in April.  Joan Lake made a motion to accept the report, it was seconded by John Babashoff, and passed by the club.

EDITOR -  Diane Duncan- reported that we are getting a lot of "hits" on all of our Facebook pages - we have one for the public and one for
the members - she also REMINDED US THAT WHEN YOU WANT TO RESPOND TO AN EVENT - P L E A S E - D O  N O T - JUST HIT YOUR REPLY BUTTON ON THE COMPUTER (as then it goes back to her and not the the event coordinator). RESPOND TO THE PERSON ACTUALLY PUTTING ON THE EVENT.

MARKETING -  Jae Kennedy had a display of most of the items that she has been able to have a vendor make for our club, polo shirts, tee shirts, jackets, hats, purses (for both men and women) iPad cover, golf towel, license plate holder, and probably more, that I have
forgotten.  If she can get orders for 6 or more Club Jackets at one time the price of the jacket goes down to $85.00 if she has to order
less that the 6, the price is then $100.00 per jacket.  New members name badges take approximately one week - contact Jae 760- 469-2400, to get your badge (and she has quite a few on hand that have NOT been picked up). Garry Dean then presented Paul with a "Man Purse" which had everyone laughing - Paul modeled it for all to envy, a picture is on our website, was just a lot of fun, Thank you Garry. 

NCCC GOVERNOR - Sam Baldwin- reported that he would be attending a regional meeting this coming Saturday in Riverside, if any member would like to also attend please contact him.  He thought one of the topics would be the trip of Bowling Green Kentucky - he also explained our NCCC insurance.

ADDITIONAL OLD BUSINESS -  Paul reported that he spoke to Scott Robinson (CEO) of the Boys & Girls Club about our having many orange tee shirts for the Auto Cross with out dated, dates on them and if their volunteers would be willing to wear them, next year; instead of us having to go to the expense of getting new ones made (as that cost goes against the profit of the event).  Scott was very agreeable. 


First Saturday of the month: Cars and Coffee at THE SIP corner of Jefferson and Fred Warning  7-9ish (but our members usually get there around 8) 

First Saturday of the month:  The Crusin Association Car Show behind Macy's at the Westfield Mall, Palm Desert 1:00-5:00 (this event
is closed for the season and will start again in October).

First and Third Friday - 3:00 Cruise El Paseo in Palm Desert (this event is now over for the season and will start up again in October)



NEW BUSINESS - Paul presented new name badges to past and current officers, that have served in many capacities; as it is his belief
people should be recognized for all the time and effort they put forth for the betterment of our club.
Car Show for Jessup at the River on Saturday May 27th- 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at meeting time we had 22 cars signed up, participants
will be given 2 drink tickets per car, there will be a guard to watch over the cars.  

Perhaps a small sound system will be purchased for our meetings.

Mike Nichols told members about a trip to Bakersfield on June 2nd staying at the Red Lion Inn and going to the Crystal Palace for a dinner
show - the PSCC members that are going on Tom Pinard's Northern California Trip have this as their first stop- but any member can join 
in this part of the trip and then go back to the desert on Saturday or decide to explore beautiful Bakersfield.

4th of July Parade in Idyllwild - was discussed and how we normally do things on that day was explained.  The club has been participating in this event for at least 16 years, we donate $10.00 per car to their Rotary Club.  Decorate our cars after we ride up the mountain, do the parade, have lunch, and return to the desert.  It is usually a nice way to get out of heat and do something a little different-  more to come via email. Idea's were given by members for possible runs- West Coast Customs, Dinner up at the Tram, help SOS, pickup and deliver service people from Palm Springs Airport to 29 Palms, A trip to visit with our Canadian members AUGUST 2018.

VICE PRESIDENT - Randy Duncan will be taking over for Paul in June, (if there is a meeting) July, August (is usually a dark month for the club no meeting but still the monthly eating events) and September.  Joyce asked for a volunteer to do the minutes if there is a meeting in June, as both she and Ron Smith will be unavailable - BUT surprise!!!!! we didn't have a volunteer for the job.

50/50 DRAWING -  Was won by Mike Nichols in the amount of $66.00 , a club License Plate Holder was won by Marilyn Hoffman, a Tee Shirt was won by Bob Bell.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:56 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by:  
Joyce Sosebee, Secretary


The meeting was called to order at 6:55  By President Paul Aragon ( this is a little earlier, due to most of the members came at 6:00 p.m.for a pizza dinner that the Jessup dealership sponsored for us.)

Pledge of allegiance was lead by Paul Aragon. We then welcomed any new members and  guests.  Have one new member, Roberta Benedikt she has a 07 Burgundy Coupe and there were two guests- Bob Peters (formerly owned a 72 and 76 coupe) Diane Finegan has a 95 corvette. We had a total of 57 people in attendance of this meeting.

 Sign up sheets were passed around for the following monthly events:

Dinner night out  -  April 20th at Billy Reed's in Palm Springs ( has fabulous Lemon pie, membership was advised to order it early) contact person is Joan Lake 760-702-0199

Studs luncheon  -   April 28th at the Beer Hunter in La Quinta (Highway &Washington) 11:45 Mike Nichols is the person to contact.  760-200-4681

Diva luncheon - Friday April 28th at Pacifica in the El Paseo Gardens, Palm Desert 11:30 - Contact either Liz Brannan 760-898-8300 or Joyce Sosebee 760-564-1810

Paul reminded and advised new members that we try to attend Cars and Coffee the first Saturday of each month at the SIP (near Walgreens at the corner of Fred Warning and Jefferson, Indio)  8-9:30 a.m.

The Cruising Association has a car show every month on the first Saturday of the month- in the parking lot behind Macys in Palm Desert.  1-5

The cruise down El Paseo that goes on each first and third Friday afternoon gathering in the upper parking lot of the (gardens) at 3p.m.

It was mentioned that after our meetings some of our members go to Applebees in Rancho Mirage, but tonight Paul thought because everyone had dinner, we would pass on it.   Going instead to Sonic on Date Palm Drive for a dessert before heading home was talked about.

 Vice President- Randy Duncan -  talked about the flyers we have received and the new runs that were taking place: 

Gamblers Classic on April 21-22-23 Ron Singer is chairing this event ; we have 7 cars going from our club - Ron said he had been advised that there are still 50 rooms available - so if interested please let him know.   Trip will leave from Jack in the Box on Palm - going out the back roads at 10:30 on Friday April 21st.

On Sunday- Mike and Vicki Nichols have suggested that the group drive from Laughlin to Lake Havasu for their lunch stop before heading home.

May 6th -  Beach Run 

May 20th - 10th annual Route 66 Cruisers - Yucca Valley

May 21st - Plastic Fantastic in Long Beach - show opens at 10 a.m. possibility of driving down and back on the same day.

Diane to put the registration form for the event on our site, Jae was looking into places to stay overnight- more to come on this event.

Joan Lake was unable to attend this meeting and she is working on two possible events for later in the summer, at Warner Brother's tour and a Newport boat tour.

John Babashoff (who wasn't at the meeting ) had mentioned a possible trip to his lovely home in the Big Bear area as a summer day run.

Jae and Sue a run to Cabot Museum and then brunch at Jae's house- possible in June.

Someone gave Paul at package of potential runs at our March meeting, which he has given to Randy - as he will be running the club during the summer, when Paul will be out of town.

 Secretary: Joyce Sosebee -  had posted the minutes from the March meeting on line and there are two corrections , one was Sue Rashfords phone number should have been 760-574-0399.  The other one was that the tee shirts for Gamblers Run are $15.00 and money must be

sent to Bakersfield Corvette, Ron Singer advised us of this correction.   After the corrections were noted the club passed a motion to accept the March Minutes.

 Treasurer: Kim Singer -  reported that we do not have a net figure on the Auto Cross as all expenses have not be given to her and that our gross

was about the same as last year, with approximately 50 runs less that in 2016.  All in all another very successful Auto Cross.  Report was accepted as read.

 Editor: Diane Duncan - AGAIN- pleaded with the membership to not respond back on events that they would like to attend- BUT TO PLEASE READ THE MEMO AND RESPOND TO THE PERSON RUNNING THE EVENT.  She really explained why just hitting reply is not effective, and we hope everyone now understands the situation.   

 Marketing: Jae Kennedy - had a great pull sign made which shows some of the items that she has for sale to our members, advised us that she is working with two vendors and now we can order men and women's polo shirts for a price of $25.00 or $27.00 for XXL. March meeting she sold $220.00 of merchandise at the Auto Cross $780.00.  Since we gathered before the meeting, people had some time to "shop" and members had ordered 10 club jackets and 25 shirts-  wow - she said she needs a store.   She also said she has a quick game for everyone after the business part of the meeting was over.

 NCCC Governor: Sam Baldwin - reported that there has not been a meeting in a while and that the next one will be in May 13th in Riverside, all members are invited to attend as guests.  Contact Sam if interested 760-275-7604

 Old Business: 

Shawn & Weez Hyman along with Dan & Jane Gilmond(who were unable to attend the meeting) were thanked for another very successful Auto Cross.  Also a huge thanks to Bob and Carolyn Murphy for bringing the RV - Gary & Debbie Grisamer for bringing

the 5th wheel to the event- couldn't have done the event without these very important and wonderful people. Paul also thanked the members who took time to come out and help- the key four people would LOVE to have people come forth to learn their jobs- so if interested please contact them or Paul.    

We do have some issues with our timing system(computer wise) and Jane Gilmond is looking into the situation- she will keep us advised.

Our Canadian members have all left the desert - they will be surely missed.   Thanks was given to the Smith's , Mike & Nancy for putting together quite a few runs this season- our last one was to Crevier Car Exhibit, lunch, Nixon Library, dinner on April 1st. It was a great event- doing what this club does best- drive and dine or is it dine and drive?- Everyone really enjoyed the day.

 A thank you was given to Kim Singer for putting together a Diva mid month luncheon and tour of Brandini's on March 14th.

Sue and Bill Rashford put on a flower run to Borrego Springs on March 27th had 27 people go and saw the beautiful flowers had a nice lunch at the Borrego Springs Resort- the manager of the resort gave us a speech on the history of the resort- it was quite  interesting- another great day for club members (think this is either the second or third time the Rashford's have done this run for the club. ) 

The Studs had a very special luncheon on March 24th as they drove to Borrego Springs and had lunch at the Country Club, then did the same run home, as the Rashfords- over the mountain to Anza for a stop at Dairy Queen for a dessert- before returning to the desert this run was put on by Mike Smith and Lee Egan.

 New Business/ Comments/Suggestions -  

We played Jae's game (which was very interesting) and she had 4 winners,

 50/50 Drawing- was for $75.00 and Joe VanBrunt won it - he graciously donated it back to the club for ALS- 

their were three other items to be raffled off - and they were won by Julie Burdette, Joan Behlman, and Gary Dean

 Next Meeting will be on Tuesday MAY 9th at Jessup Auto Plaza

 Motion to adjourn was given by Weez Hyman, seconded by Liz Brannon- motion was carried; at 8 p.m.


The meeting was called to order by President, Paul Aragon at 7:02 p.m. we when had the pledge of allegiance and welcomed any guests or new members.

New members were- Garry Dean, Joe & Carol VanBrunt, Jim & Jerri Lewis.  Jim Lane (new member last meeting) introduced his wife Vickie (as she was unable to attend our meeting last month.) We had 66 people in attendance.   Members were reminded to turn off their cell phones.

Went right into events, as would like to get the sign up sheets around the room before the end of the meeting.

MARCH 10, 11, 12th - Our Annual Auto Cross at the Indio Fair Grounds- set up track on Friday at noon (anyone who helps will be able to run the track on that day.)  Saturday and Sunday all volunteers were asked to be there at 7:30 a.m.  Must set up tents, put out chairs, ice chests, etc. and be ready to get the first run on the track at 9 a.m.

MARCH 14th - Diva lunch at Pieology and tour of Brandini's Toffee factory.  For lunch gather at 11 a.m. and the tour will be at 12:20- contract Kim Singer if interested.  760-345-6648

MARCH 16th -  Our monthly Dinner Night Out- will be held at P.F. Chang's restaurant (in the River complex) Joan Lake is the contact person if you were not able to sign up at the meeting.   760-702-0199

MARCH 19th - Wild Flower Run- Sue Rashford is the contact for this one. 760-674-0399, we will meet at the Travel Center off Highway 10 at 8:00 a.m. cruise down by the Salton Sea- look at the sculptures then to the visitor center for a tour, lunch on the patio of the country club at Borrego Springs, drive through the mountains to Anza's Dairy Queen- home down highway 74.

MARCH 24th - Studs cruise and lunch this month will be going to Borrego Springs ( in a different way than the trip on the 19th) to the golf course for lunch. Contact Mike Smith 780-405-1096 or Lee Egan 760-289-6080 if interested.

MARCH 26th - Indian Wells Chamber of Commerce car show $35.00 entry fee- Paul has more information if you are interested.

MARCH 31st - Monthly Diva Luncheon will be at Pueblo Viejo Grill in Palm Dessert (on Cook Street) 11:30.  If you weren't able to sign up at the meeting call Joyce  760-564-1810.

APRIL 1st- Trip to Crevier Museum and Nixon Library - more information will be coming out on our email system check with Mike Smith if interested.  780-405-1096. Will be leaving from Jack in the Box at 8:30 a.m.  lunch and a possible dinner will be made available to those interested.

APRIL 21st & 22nd - Gamblers Run to Laughlin NV. sponsored by the Corvettes of Bakersfield. Ron Singer is the contact person on this trip.  760-895-7338.  Cost is $180 per couple (which includes car show, dinner show, poker run, one poker hand, one tee shirt) additional poker hands will be sold for $5.00 each and the tee shirts at $10.00 each. Only allowing 250 cars this year.  Everyone will be staying at the Riverside Resort the nightly rate is $59.00.  You must make these reservations yourself. Other money must be to Ron by the 15th of March.

MAY 21st - Plastic Fantastic in San Diego Bay- spoke of a possible over night event.  Noted that if you put your car in the show you must get there on Saturday morning VERY early and will not be able to leave till after the event is over.  Paul has more information if anyone is interested in "heading" this event up for the club.

Sometime in May - Jae Kennedy and Sue Rashford will put together a tour of Cabot Museum and then a brunch at Jae's home.

Possible Warner Brothers Tour and John Wayne Party Boat Trip (two separate trips) were put on the "back burner" for the time being.  Joan Lake is contact for these.  760-702-0199

Before we got on with the meeting:
President Paul Aragon - thanked  Kim Singer, Bob Behlman, Lou Latragna, Rick Marseilles, Zennie Andrusiw for joining him in transporting dignitaries in the Riverside Country President's Day Parade.  Joe Mantegna from the show Criminal Minds and Tuskegee Airmen Lt. Col. Bob Friends, who flew with the Red Tails in WWII- were some of the people that they had in their cars. Lt. Col. Friends actual P51 airplane was flown over the area while the parade was in progress.   Kim Singer volunteered to run the event next year. Paul also thanked the people who have stepped up so far this year to contribute their help in running our excellent events.  Mike and Nancy Smith are leading the way in this area to help the club, we will surely miss them, when they return to Canada.

VICE PRESIDENT- Randy Duncan was ill so there was no report from him.

SECRETARIES Report - February minutes were posted on the website and no changes or additions were noted.  Joan motioned, Doe seconded the motion- they were accepted, as posted.

TREASURER Report - Balances were read and we were notified of any checks that had been issued motion to accept the report was made by Ron Singer, seconded by Joan Lake. Report was accepted. After her report Kim, told the membership that she was now able to image checks straight into the bank , via her cell phone; so if you wanted your actual check back  please tell her.

EDITOR'S Report- Diane assured us all was going well with our websites.

MARKETING - Jae told us of the program she's negotiating with our vendor, concerning quantities of items to be ordered.  She said some of our members had asked for glasses, coffee mugs, things of this sort must be bought in bulk, so she wasn't pursuing them at this time.  New items,Tote Bag, iPad cover.  She thought and hoped she was ready for the Auto Cross, with the Tee Shirt order, etc.   We then showed everyone the jacket that had been left at our February meeting and unfortunately no one claimed it.

NCCC GOVERNOR'S Report - Sam explained to the new members that they can go on line at www.nationalNCCC.com and that he will be attending the meeting in May , after that meeting he will be able to let us know how many different clubs from our area will be traveling to Bowling Green this year, for the annual meeting.  Stay tuned for caravan possibilities.

AUTO CROSS- was next on the agenda-  Shawn said he felt that everything was in order, trailer will be delivered by Jessup, a member will be bringing a motorhome,  Jane had updated the timing system, Boys and Girls Club will be there on Saturday and Sunday to help out.  Sonic will be bringing lunches for the Boys and Girls club BUT REMINDED OUR VOLUNTEERS THAT  WE SHOULD BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN LUNCH, EACH DAY. There will be no food vendors on the property.  Volunteers should arrive at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, we also need to stay and put everything away on Sunday after the tract shuts down. 

Dan Gilmond, came forward and talked about having some of our other members get involved in the actual planning and setting the Auto Cross in motion- Dan, Jane, Weez and Shawn are all looking for people to "shadow" them.   If interested please let them know.  Both Dan and Paul gave us a bit of history and some of the "stories" of Auto Cross passed.

50/50 was $105.00 won by Linda Egan and she very generously donated it back to our charity (ALS) there were three other items raffled off and won by Sharon Kagy, Cory Teoman, and Brenda Moreno.

Weez made a motion to adjourn at 8:10 p.m.   All were in favor.

Next meeting will be April 11th- 7p.m. at Jessup Auto Plaza

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Sosebee, Secretary


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Paul Aragon. Carmel Carbone lead all of us 
in the Pledge of Allegiance.   

There were 47 people in attendance. Paul welcomed everyone and asked if we had any guests or new member in attendance and if so for them to stand and introduce themselves-  no guests but four new members, Phyllis and David Giboney, Don and Anne Boisjoli, Bob and Carolyn Murphy and Jim Lane.
Vice President/Randy Duncan - spoke about the flyers that the club receives for other club events and our own possible events. He told the membership about Plastic Fantastic in San Diego on May 21st- and that previously when our club attended, some choose to drive down on Friday and stay overnight and some would drive down on Saturday, just for the day. 

Joan said that she was still working on getting us a tour at Warner Brothers and was hoping for the last week in March.

Paul said he had been asked to have 6 convertible corvettes in the President's Parade in Indio- that he had been able to get enough cars and that we would be participating in that parade on Monday February 20th.
Secretary - Joyce Sosebee reported that Ron Singer did a great job writing up the minutes of last month and she had not had any additions or corrections.  Motion to accept was made by Joan Lake, seconded by Alice Andrusiw and was passed.
Treasurer -  Kim Singer gave her financial report, advised us that we have some expenses to be paid out for our up coming charity event. Doe Huff made the motion to accept and it was seconded by Ron Singer- club then passed the motion.
Editor - Diane Duncan told the membership about our website (getting 25 hits a week) and the three different Facebook Pages we have, one that is public (getting 15-20 hits a week) one for members only and one for the auto cross.
Marketing - Jae Kennedy - told of us of new items she is currently working on with our local supplier- like a lady's tote bag, a wallet/credit card holder for the men, and I pad holder, plus said that you could now order one club jacket at a time for the price of $98.00.  She has the inventory for the Auto Cross ( tee shirts for the Boys and Girls Club,) 
NCCC Governor -  Sam Baldwin said we are set up with the insurance forms for the Auto Cross.  He also said that the NCCC has made a "deal" with Escort Radar Company to sell the radar systems and if interested please contact him.  Prices range from $399.95 to $1099.95 .
Old Business:  

Randy Duncan spoke about the Mexican Rivera Cruise that six of our members did with around another 150 "vetters" a great time was had by all and he encouraged everyone to think about going on the trip to New Orleans with this group, believe it was the Bakersfield Corvette Car Club, date of trip to be announced later.

Mike and Nancy Smith lead us on another very successful poker run , last month.  We went  hrough Hemet and Temula to the Bel Vino Winery, where we had a very nice lunch and were able to sit outside, then back down highway 74 to Jim and Doe Huff's lovely home for an Ice Cream Social and announcement of the winners.   Third place was Ken Burdette, Second place was Ron Singer and our BIG WINNER was John Shannahan.

Dr. George Car Show was on Feb.11th and Paul thanked Jae Kennedy and Mike Smith for organizing a place for our club to park. There were over 900 beautiful cars in attendance.   Our Jae was one of the organizers of this huge profitable event for the Desert Cancer, she thanked our members that volunteered and really helped her out, our participation was greatly  ppreciated.

Monthly events were gone over by Randy Duncan and they are - the first Saturday  - Cars and Coffee at the Sip in Indio. (Jefferson and Fred Warning, Indio) 7-9 (we usually arrive around 8)

Crusin Association Car Show the first Saturday  1-5 (behind Macy's in the /Westfield Mall, Palm Desert) First and third Friday 3-5 The show and El Paseo Cruze (meet at the upper parking lot at 2:30) 
Dinner night out - third Thursday 
Diva's luncheon - the fourth Friday
Stud's lunch- usually the fourth Friday
Paul thanked John Babashoff for volunteering to be become our Ambassador of Goodwill for this year.
New Business:   

Mike and Vicki Nicholas are thinking of putting an overnight run together to Bakersfield - ending up at Buck Owens for dinner and country music.  Contact them if you are interested.

Our Annual Charity Event - Auto Cross was talked about by the organizer; Shawn Hyman and he said everything is going along just as it should at this point- trophies ordered, bleachers to be put up, a check needs to go to the Fairgrounds for our rent ($1,000.00) Lunches will be given to the volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club by Sonic on both days, have one motorhome that will  be on property (really could use another one to help with the computers and people that run the timing system)
We will need club members to volunteer over the three days-
Friday to clean up the track, setup the track and chalk the track- and if you volunteer you will be able to run your car on the track, once the timing system and track are ready on Friday afternoon.
Saturday and Sunday volunteers should arrive at 7:30 and are needed for car teching, registration, computer in put, timing system computer-staging-starter-cone jumpers- announcer- trailer sales- tents to be put up- water and ice to be taking to the different places on the track. 

We have changed our meeting night next month to a week earlier, to enable us to have another time to explore what may be needed.   Shawn said that last years Auto Cross was the best he had ever run ( and that has been for approximately 8 years) and he said it was due to the fact that our computer people had done such a wonderful job with the system. The Hyman's and the Gilmond's would very much like to have any interested club members "shadow" them this year, as we need more people to learn what these organizers due to have a successful yearly event.

Dinner Night Out - Joan Lake reported that dinner night out was going to be at Bucatini's in Palm Desert on Thursday the 16th of Feb.

Mike Smith said that the Studs bunch would be having lunch at Pueblo Viejo in Indio on Friday February the 24th at 11:45 ish.
Mike and Lee Eagan spoke about the Studs going on a run/lunch on March 24th - planning on going to Borrego Springs and having lunch at the Round Hill Golf Course- they will have a special place for the vettes to park in front of the club house. If interested please contact either Mike or Lee.
Joyce Sosebee stated that the Divas would be meeting at The Big Rock Pub at the Indian Springs Golf Club) for their luncheon at 11:30and if you were unable to sign up at the meeting - please contact her. 
It was mentioned that after our meeting some of the members go to Applebee's next to the River 
50/50 Drawing money was won by Vicki Nichols ($63.00)  there were 5 other miscellaneous items raffled off.
Weez Hyman made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 , seconded by all club members.
Respectfully submitted by,
Joyce Sosebee, Secretary 


Meeting was called to order by President Paul Aragon at 7:03 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Carmel Carbone.

Paul welcomed everyone. There were 61 people in attendance.  New members Jeff Bachant (Jessup's Service Manager) and Stan Moreno (Brenda's husband attending his first meeting) introduced themselves.  Several guests of current members were also introduced.

Randy reported on the Club's December 27th run to Oak Glen for lunch. Unexpected icy roads made the trip especially exciting for some cars.

January 19th Dinner Night Out will be held at The Fisherman Restaurant and Bar 70030 Hwy 111 Rancho Mirage (where the Crab Pot used to be) at 6:30 pm. We'll be in a semi-enclosed patio area with heaters, and we'll be ordering off the menu. Contact Joan Lake (760-702-0199) if you're interested in attending and didn't sign up at the meeting.

January 27th Diva Luncheon will be held at the Avalon Hotel 415 South Belardo Road in Palm Springs at 11:30 am. The cost is $20 plus gratuity.  Contact Joyce Sosebee (760-564-1810) if you're interested in attending and didn't sign up at the meeting. Remember that GUESTS are welcome.

STUDS LUNCH - Paul is looking for a volunteer to arrange future Studs lunches.  He will plan the January lunch and email the date, location and time to everyone.  Contact Paul (760-285-5879) if you're interested in volunteering.

TREASURERS REPORT:  Kim Singer delivered the Treasurer's report. Since taking on the Treasurer's position, she has reconciled checking account balances against bank statements for all of 2016 and set up an online banking service.  She reported that the Club made an end of the year contribution of $5,250 to ALS, and we currently have a $5,791.32 account balance. Doe Huff made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Joan Lake, and approved.

GOVERNORS REPORT: For the benefit of our new members, Sam Baldwin gave an overview of the function of NCCC and its relationship with local clubs. He provided login information for the NCCC website where members can find details about upcoming events at other clubs. Two examples are the All GM Beach Classic, Vette Set Car Show in Redondo Beach on May 6th and the Fantastic Plastic All Corvette Car Show in San Diego on May 21st.

SECRETARIES REPORT: Paul presented the minutes of the December 12th Christmas Party meeting for Joyce Sosebee, who was unable to attend this meeting.  There were no corrections or additions. Kory Teoman motioned to accept the report, and Jae Kennedy seconded it.

EDITOR:  Diane Duncan emailed a new roster so members could review their personal information and note any corrections or additions. Hard copies were also made available at the meeting. If you have any corrections or additions, please email them to Ron Singer (rsinger@dc.rr.com).  The roster only includes members who have paid their 2017 membership dues.  If your name is missing entirely, the club has not received your payment. Contact Kim Singer (ksinger@dc.rr.com) regarding late/missing payments.  
If you would like Diane to email items of interest to the club membership, send them to her at PalmSpringsCorvetteClub@gmail.com.  If you are responding to an email that was posted at the request of another club member, please respond to that member directly (Not Diane). Paul also emphasized that requested email posts should NOT contain inappropriate jokes, political satire/commentary, or items not related to club purposes.

MARKETING:  Jae Kennedy is now taking orders for Corvette merchandise. Club jackets must be ordered in minimum quantities of 6 to receive Desert Promotionals price discount. However, if you care to expedite your jacket order and forgo the discount, the price per jacket will be $15 more.


Randy reminded everyone about regularly scheduled car events in the area. 

  • Cars and Coffee - is held on the first Saturday of the month at The Sip Coffee House & Juice Bar, 44100 Jefferson St, Indio (Jefferson at Fred Waring), from 7 to 9 am.
  • Palm Springs Cruisin' Association Car Show - Cruise Night is held on the first Saturday of the month at the Westfield Mall (back parking lot by Sears Automotive) from 1 to 5 pm.
  • El Paseo Cruise - is held every first and third Friday on the top level of the parking structure behind Tommy Bahama's, starting at 4 pm. Contact John Babashoff (760-406-1203) if you are interested in attending this event.


Paul expressed an interest in having an Ambassador to greet new members and guests at club meetings and events. Jerry Brannon held     this position in the past. John Babashoff "volunteered" for this assignment. Thank you, John!

  • Mike and Nancy Smith are planning an event for later in January.  Possibilities include a visit to Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown, or a     run to Temecula. Watch for an email.
  • Kory Teoman discussed Mission Hills Country Club's car show and festival fund raiser to be held on February 4th. They are looking for     older, specialty, and one-of-a-kind cars to display.  For more information, contact Kory (760-449-4588).
  • Jae Kennedy discussed the Dr. George Car Show to be held at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens on February 11th. Our club will have a     designated parking area. Mike Smith will stake out our location on Friday night. You can arrive Friday night and leave your car parked         overnight as there will be security on duty all night long. For those arriving Saturday morning, we plan to meet at a location to be             determined and caravan into our designated parking area.  Contact Jae (jaekennedy8@gmail.com) if you have not yet registered or if         you have any questions.
  • Paul discussed the upcoming Spring Fling Autocross event on March 11 and 12.  Last year the event raised $10,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.  Volunteers are needed to work the event. Contact Paul if you want to help. The more volunteers, the better!
  • Joan Lake is organizing a tour of Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank in March, and a Newport Harbor Dinner Cruise on John Wayne's yacht, the Wild Goose, in April.  Ron Welshons will lead the caravans for these events.

New member Jeff Bachant, Jessup's Service Manager, confirmed that Jessup still offers a 15% service discount to all club members You must identify yourself as a club member to receive the discount. If you have any questions regarding this discount, contact Jeff (760-469-6580).

If you are interested in having rhinestones applied to items of clothing, or to the existing artwork on clothes, contact Carmel (760-774-8009).

The 50/50 raffle was won by Zennie Andrusiw.  Zennie and Alice graciously donated their $95 winnings back to the club. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Before adjourning, Paul asked the membership to rise for a moment of silence honoring Jerry Brannon who passed away in December.  He will be missed by all.

Motion to adjourn was made by Carmel Carbone and seconded by Zennie Andrusiw.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:21 pm.

February 14, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Singer, Office-at -Large, for Secretary Joyce Sosebee.